The security at worlds is a joke

Enter the door, open one backpack pocket, backpack gets poked for 3 seconds with stick, you are free to go.

No backpack? Free to enter with no second thought.



I think the security is largely a liability shield for FIRST.

If anything did happen, FIRST could pass any litigation onto the security company. The security company is happy to take FIRST’s money due to the small likelihood of anything bad actually happening.

It’s security theater.


yet last year a kid with a football couldn’t enter


I hate to sound harsh but the security didn’t rightfully search your bag. For a couple reasons.


Do you really want long, slow-moving security lines?


Just like TSA :joy:


We all see reflective vests in the pit at every event. We should be used to theater.


You know they are looking for prohibited food and not weapons don’t you?


They let me in with food in clear view without checking if it was food so like…



I’m really wondering where the original post is even going. Do we want 3 hour long lines to get in?

Are we really so afraid we need metal detectors and dug sniffing dogs at each entrance?

Perhaps the original poster should clarify in what security it believes is necessary.


My bag got checked fairly thoroughly every time. I don’t think they are seriously checking for anything other than large weapons or egregious amounts of food.


They poked my friend’s food around and let him through anyway :thinking:

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Have you ever been through security going into a large sporting event or amusment park?

Its not very rigorous. Metal detector and move on. If you have a bag they open it, poke the bottle of waters you are bringing in, and then move along


At world’s in Detroit 2019 they checked each pocket really quick and were dubious of my wire strippers, but otherwise it wasn’t like I had to empty every pocket out. There were metal detector wands though probably just looking for weapons? FIRST policy is no weapons of any kind are allowed except by Law Enforcement or by Event Security.

In Texas as of Sept 21, 2021

HB1927 made it legal in Texas for most people 21 or over to carry a handgun in a holster without a permit both openly and/or concealed.

This law modified the previous open carry law from 2016 by eliminating the requirement to have a license to carry.

This means that most people 21 or over may carry a handgun without a license to carry.

Now… Unlike Michigan where there are background checks and classes and licensing, in
Texas anyone 21+ can hide a gun on their person, and enter without setting off alarms. There absolutely should be metal detectors if there is Concealed and Open carry legally open to any Alcohol-Drinking aged person. FIRST says no, but if security isn’t checking throughly enough or doesn’t care then the policy is useless.


Some of my team members have had their backpacks searched more thoroughly at different times.


This reminds me of how I was trained to work 100k-attendee Penn State football games (disclaimer: a decade ago as a cadet). They essentially taught that we were just as much deterrence as detection, because no one wanted to get busted and miss the game. Without disclosing details, the variation in fast vs thorough inspections was a deliberate part of the system.

I haven’t been to Houston Worlds, but I’d suspect like other years that it’s much less a “one and done” entry than that (short of like an arrestable offense). I wonder if that’s messing with the assumed incentive structure at all. Though you’d think they’d be used to trade shows and stuff as well; I’m not familiar with Houston’s bookings.


I am grateful that up to this point we have not had a major security incident at a FIRST robotics tournament, including the championship. Every time we have to increase the level of security at such events (or at schools, theaters, grocery stores etc.) it is because of bad actors trying to hurt us doing normal and good things. FIRST is normal and good and I’m glad it is.


Long lines and crowds outside the doors are likely more of a concern anyway. Better to move people quickly through (particularly people who are wearing badges) than have a crowd accumulate outside of security.


And what about Wednesday when the fire alarms required us to evacuate through random loading zones and doors, twice out to the street, and then just walk back in?


One thing I heard was this was done by the convention center and not by FIRDT