The segway medical BEAR

Heh i know that the title is going to raise some eyebrows! Actually their is a medical robot (for military use) being invented that (the current model at least) uses a Segway as a base. Its actually pretty nice and if anybody wants to forward this to Dean Kamen or Woody Flowers i think they would like it! Their design for a finished product looks pretty ambitious to me but i definitely hope they can do it. The only thing i see as a problem is that in allot of cases you DON’T want to move a person in case of spinal injuries, I guess that really doesn’t matter if your in a shootout. Anyway this is a really cool use of a Segway and i was amazed it could compensate for that type of weight that high up!

Oh and while im talking about super cool robots named after animals take a look at the Bat. This one is actually for sale… to those who have way too much money… so anyways heres the main site and here’s the movie page I really need one of these for my car so if anybody would like to donate to the cause… :smiley:

that’s pretty darn cool… robots do come in handy out in the battle zones… as long as they function properly and all of course…

thanks for sharing…

Yeah, sounds super interesting…I’ll definitely give it a look!

Good idea. However, the movies are named “BEAR Casualty Rescue”, how do you rescue a casualty?

you begin by mastering the english language!

Always you with your English! :smiley: My other real problem with the idea is that when you try to deploy the robot it becomes an instant target! A medic that can’t be killed is great but not if they shoot the patient. One thing i really love is that this robot is super maneuverable on top of a decent speed. By the way I think that the UAV spyplanes sells is comparable with (if not better than) any other one Ive seen and is a fraction of the price.

Ahh, I was under the impression a casualty was a death.

I was thinking along the same lines when I saw the photos. Picking the victim up in the air like that makes an easy target

This is most likely a first-pass at the design concept. It seems like what they really need is a robo-cop to go after the shooter/sniper

or an armored vehicle to get between the shooter and the person on the ground.

BTW - lets all be thankfull that Mike is not in charge of taking care of casualties, anywhere! :^)