The Semi-Final from Hell

What’s the record for most matches played in a single playoff series? Here at The PCH District Albany Event, it seems we will have a bid for that title. The 2 seed, consisting of 4189, 5632, and 6750, are facing 4080, 4941, and 6714. They tied Match 1 235-235, Match 2 255-255, and Match 3 255-255.

Only time will tell how many are played, given that every match has been unbreakable by the procedures in the manual…

Should the teams change strategy, or keep the war going and hope for fouls or a failed climb?

UPDATE 1: 6750 died in the replay of SF2.1, causing blue (3) to take the match 330-200.

UPDATE 2: Despite 6750 not driving again, the 2 seed alliance fought valiantly, and with climbing failures on the blue alliance, red (2) takes the replay of SF2.2.

UPDATE 3: I will not make a statement on what happened for fear of spreading misinformation, but the final result is that Red (2) wins , and we will now replay SF2.3. This will be clarified in a team update.

UPDATE 4: Blue (3) takes the replay of SF2.3, winning 255-210. Blue moves on to the finals!! Six total matches were played in this series.

Iowa semis appear to be going the same way… Maybe someone will cobble together a gear+shoot auto and end it all…

lol like anyone would ever shoot someone’s just going to have an inexplicable connection issue or something

You should check out Iowa, we’re on the 4th play of Semifinal 2-2.

We’re shooting groundhogs as fast as we can, but they just keep tying.

SF2 went to 5 matches at IRI 2010.

Iowa semifinals went 6 matches.

That semifinal really did feel like hell. :smiley:

I think Iowa wins here. SF2-1 won by the blue alliance, SF2-2 through SF2-4 tied, SF2-5 won by the red alliance, and SF2-6 tied but broken by fouls.

Albany finals went to four matches before red persevered.

I watch that online. It was crazy.

I think I’ll consider us getting knocked out in quarters a mercy kill. That must have been so stressful for the drive teams and pit crews having to redo that match waiting for someone to mess up.

I was second driver for 2410 in those semi-finals and those semi-finals at Iowa are incomparable. The simultaneous hype and frustration on the field was insane from the drive teams. It just never ended. The announcer laughed and told us that some alliance should win because he was running out of transitions between matches. Everyone on the field talked about how it was a war of attrition. We just stopped moving the drive stations and left them plugged in the whole time and just went back to replace the batteries each match. It finally ended, but it just goes to show you how good both alliances were.

The kids (and mentors) were definitely getting exhausted! A few of us volunteers made sure that they got water and snacks between the matches, but by the last match, they were so tired they really didn’t even care if they won or lost, they just wanted it to be over with.

I can confirm exhaustion, you would be surprised at how tiring working in that tiny hexagon actually is! Thank you for the water.

2015 UNH Recycle Rush - Button Gate, Power outage, I can’t remember how many replays.
2014 UNH with Windup and Sprocketology, I think it was against 319, 213, 3280, replayed a match at least 3 times, might have been 4.

I can 2nd this as a mentor for 4941. Forgot how many times I ran back to the pit to grab new batteries All teams all around persevered through the whole scenario especially through the rulings situations. Thanks to the refs who made that go smoothly and definitely the correct call.

Driver from 3528 here. Halfway through the semifinal matches in Iowa, we had to do emergency repairs in between replays. We ran a whole match with a tread detached from one of our wheels and the gear catcher peeling away 1-2 inches off the upper portion of our bot. The bolts holding the gear catcher were completely missing for who knows how long. Somehow we managed to replace the tread on the wheel and reattach the gear catcher during a timeout and still manage to get back on the field in time. Thank goodness for modular designs. Amazingly, that was the first time we had to do any repairs on our bot through Iowa and GKC the week before, but boy did it come at the most inconvenient of times.

Six matches in a semi shouldn’t be too bad… I mean if you take three matches to win a semi, then you should be prepared for three more in a final anyway.

This actually sounds like fun… for everyone except the event organizers who have an awards schedule to meet and field clean up to deal with before going home.

Three ties in a semi should be a piece of cake compared to this recent hockey game in Norway… Breaking News, Headlines and Stories | National Post


Loved working with you guys. Those semi-finals just goes to show how important robot robustness is, the fact the both alliances were able to make any repairs in the short timeouts is impressive, and neither side used their timeout coupon for the duration of the 6 straight matches. That tread coming off was the biggest robot problem I saw, and you guys had it fixed in a matter of minutes.