The Seventh Annual Dow Red Stick Rumble

Hello all!

We are excited to open registration for the Seventh Annual Dow Red Stick Rumble.

Due to the fact that the RSR Coordinator (that’s me) is moving to a new school, the RSR location is also changing. We will be hosting the event at my new school, Denham Springs High School in Denham Springs, Louisiana. It’s only a short 15 minutes from the old location and it is going to be a great campus to have the Rumble.

Just the Facts:
The Red Stick Rumble is Louisiana’s Premiere Off-Season FIRST Robotics Event. It is designed to provide teams an opportunity to compete in an upbeat environment to help recruit new members, train new drivers, explore new design ideas, and in general develop camaraderie between teams. Last year we had 32 teams attend.

We are trying something new this year with registration. Teams that would like to bring a second robot have two choices. They can either register for the full Playoff experience for their second robot for the full registration cost or register for a non-playoff option for $100.00.

Event Dates: August 23rd - 24th, 2019 w/23rd an optional practice day.

FRC Registration Cost: $325.00 ($300.00 Early Registration until June 15th)

Location: Denham Springs High School, Denham Springs, Louisiana

Link to Register:


Hello all!

I hope you are enjoying your summer. I just wanted to update everyone on the current team registration for the Red Stick Rumble.

Team List:

5965 The Power Struck Girls
5863 Hypercubed
5930 Lunar Kitties
2183 Tigerbots
4087 Falcon Robotics

It’s still early yet and we would love to see you at the Rumble!

Thanks for the update - I had missed the original post!

I’m off work both those days, and willing to volunteer as needed; just let me know!

Fusion 364 will be there, we are still deciding between bringing one or two robots.

Wildcat Robotics (3039) will be there, hopefully still with two robots. Our coach should be confirming with you soon. See you all there!

@MysterE, do you have a schedule of events?

@MysterE and a updated list of teams?

Hi all -

Here is the list of teams as it stands so far. Note that there are some teams that are bringing secondary robots that will be part of playoffs and teams that are bringing secondary robots that are not part of the playoffs. We may have one or two more teams register as well.

1912 Team Combustion
1927 Tempest
2183 Tigerbots
2183 Tigerbots #2
2221 FHS RoboDawgs
2992 S.S. Prometheus
3039 Wildcat Robotics
3753 BulahBots
3753 BulahBots #2
3847 Spectrum
3945 Tiger Robotics
4087 Falcon Robotics
4107 Team Storm
4336 Ramageddon Robotics
5863 Hypercubed
5930 Lunar Kitties
5965 The Power Struck Girls
5997 Knightlingbolts (alt robot)
6489 Bronco Robotics
7094 Alpha Omega
7474 JXN United

Non playoff teams:

|2992|S.S. Prometheus 2|
|4336|Ramageddon Robotics 2|
|5997|Knightlingbolts 2|

Number Team Name
39456 Tiger Robotics
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Team 2992 is looking for a pneumatic cylinder throw 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch and approximately 3/4 diameter or similar.

We broke one, have used our last spare, and our order w/ McMaster Carr that was supposed to show up by today was lost by UPS :frowning: and won’t show in time. Much obliged if someone has a cylinder of similar size they can bring for us to borrow.


Spectrum had a great time at the 2019 Red Stick Rumble. The new venue worked well. Thanks to all the volunteers for putting on this event.

Thanks to our alliance partners 2992, S.S. Prometheus with their secondary robot, and team 4336, Ramageddon Robotics with their secondary robot.

We couldn’t stream the event due to network restrictions at the school but scores and match videos were uploaded through out the day and linked on TheBlueAlliance.

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WOW I’m tired.

For the life of me I could not figure out what “The Seventh Annual Dow Red Stick Rumba” was until reading the first post.

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