"The Sims" - Does any one of the expansion packs cover these features?

I was trying to build a house in “The Sims” and I ran out of room. Meaning, the plot of land which I tried to build on was too small.

I have “The Sims” and “The Sims - Unleashed”.

Does anybody know if any of the other expansion packs have larger plots of land to work with?

Also, do any expansion packs intergrate garage designs into the picture?

I would really love to make this mansion I have in mind, but need more land space and garage doors.

Any suggestions?

I think you’re gonna have to wait till The Sims 2 which comes out in August. There’s supposed to be way more interaction, which will be fun :slight_smile: Currently, I don’t think there’s a way to do it… but I haven’t messed too much with the sims.

<3 Sims 2 <3 - I can’t wait.

Just got done learning how to play Sim City :stuck_out_tongue:

When you get the Makin’ Magic expansion, you get Magic Town (where you can build magical shops and stuff) and there are one or two residential lots. That’s it. The neighborhoods you get in Unleashed are the biggest they get for now.

If you type CTRL + SHIFT + C and then “MOVE_OBJECTS ON” (without the quotes) you will be able to build on the terrain that normally you would be unable to access. This gives you a little more room for house building. Of course, if you actually try to play yours Sims in that house, they won’t be able to access the part of the house built on that terrain.

(Does that make sense?)

Happy Simming :yikes:

PS: They moved the official release date of Sims 2 to September 17 (the day after my birthday! ;))