The Storm Radar App! A new scouting app that collects data and allows users to view it using charts

Check out our app here:

Welcome to our brand new scouting app!
It is still under development but hopefully it will be competition ready in time for Crescendo. Right now our app is formatted for Charged Up.

There are two things a team needs for strategy: A way to scout and a way to view data. Our Storm Radar app provides that to teams. We want to provide teams in the Mid-Atlantic with efficient scouting data so they can make informed decisions on alliance selection, match strategy, and improvements to their robot.

As a preview, you can view all of the data we collected during the FMA Championship 2023 in our data tabs. The Scouting page will not interfere with the FMA data, so feel free to use it. However, if you want to see your matches reflected onto our data tabs, go into Match Data, and change the dropdown where it says “objective-data” to “objective-test-data”.

Data is not 100% accurate as there is room for scouting error!

If you find any bugs, or have any questions about the development of our app, please contact us!