The Story of the P-p-p-powerbook & out scamming the scamer.

Funniest thing ever. Read the PDF. It’s just too funny to even comprehend…

Wow, that’s great.

Somewhat old news… the actual events happened at forums a long time ago. This was created more recently:

^^ $2.79 for the high end model!!!

That’s really funny. Quite a long story, but well worth it :smiley:

ROTFL…that’s great. For more capers with scammers (though without as much expense) try (Warning, it’s quite…perverse? Look w/ caution)

That’s hillarious.

Serves em right… I hate scammers.

That’s awesome.

Powerbook G4: $2100
P-P-P-Powerbook: $2.79
Scamming the Scammer: Priceless