the story of "The Tongue"

Ok… We all know what some of the more common hand, facial, and body gestures mean… such as “the finger”… but does anyone know what it means to stick your tongue out at someone? What about “raspberries”? :confused:

Usually it means “I can’t stand you!”, “I can’t stand that you’re right about [enter situation]!”, or it’s another form of saying “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

It’s what you did as a seven year old when the other kid had outsmarted you.

Seven years old??? :confused:

I still do that now, and I’m 24…

“The Tongue” …hmmm I use it as a joke mostly like if you get in a joking arguement with a friend and turns out you are right…what do you use? The Tongue…Or with just teasing people…The Tongue

I still use it…just not as much as when I did when I was seven :stuck_out_tongue:

Or also when you out-smarted them :smiley: