The Strange Story of Newton

It was a HOT (67) & sunny April day. Oddly, Xtreme Heat (223) was FORCE(1402)ing the Iron Devils (1647) to yearn for Frost Byte (754) . A L33t Crew (521) of SteamPunks (1577) were joining the Hiphopanonymous (939) crowd gathering at the Alpine Robotics (159) exhibit, inside Area 53 (53) of the Georgia Dome Convention Center. Usually, these two Dynamos (250) cause Resistance (86) when mixed together, but we had no TNT (280) this time.

Something was up. Rumors about a Curcuit Running (1002) on the Bedford Express (1023) could lead to some Cold Fusion (1279). But, the Bad Boys from the Bay Shore (271) were making a Royal Assault (357) on the 2train (395) and caused the whole area to be in CHABots (1218). A Code Red (639) went out to the FEDS (201) and the Extreme Team (444). No response was heard.

The crowd was getting Rambunctious, Ram(462)ming the entry doors to the adjacent renaisance convention next door. Inside, Scarabian Knights (120) were M’aiken Magic (1102), Dragons (302) were comparing costumes with other Dragons (1595), while Crusaders (910) were gathered in a Double Deuce (22) card game with some High Rollers (987). Tension SPIKE(293)d when FRED (184), tried to bluff CARLOS (1539) out of his Aces High (176) Winnovation (1625) hand. Emoticons (1083) ran wild, and a Feeding Frenzy (1153) erupted. Club Sandwiches (772) were devoured like a BEAR (1367) on a Grasshopper (95). It was not pretty.

At the same time, the throng, like a Frog Force (503), came into the room. No Metal Muscle (1506) could keep any Joe Schmoebotics (1135) group from the Team Fusion (364). Suddenly, the LGHS (972) and DDBA-CVR (1671) organizations abbreviated the situation by introducing a Paradigm Shift (1259). They quickly had everything Under Control (1156) by putting a Webb (1466) around the NU-Tron (125) of this Foshay (597), and somehow kept things peaceful, much as Walt Whitman (1389) would scribe the event.

Little did these Viking Electros (582) know, there were Gearheads (1189) and Gearheadz (1289) in the dome next door, at the home of the Falcons. Robotics (842) teams from Holland (74), Montclair (555), and Penn (135) were putting their batteries on Chargers (537) and adjusting their Cams (687).

RoboCats (379), TechnoKats (45) and Positronic Panthers (486) were PAW(710)ing around, following the NORSTAR (345) to find some Red Baron (63) pizzas before their next match. TechHounds (868) were scratching themselves, MORT(11)ified by the TechnoTick (236) it got while wrestling with The Machine (415) during the last match.

A Rolling Thunder (1511) was building over the entire Dome area. GaelHawks (230) and Thunderhawks (1038) were gathering to see what was happening. The Beach Bots (330) left the sand, jumped over the Gatorbotics (1700) on their way and joined the good folks of Mingo County Career Center (1249) to send the whole place into Rocket City (34).

Even the RoboWranglers (148), tough as Steel Armadillos (818), rode into town on Wildstangs (111), herding some Mechanical Bulls (810) they took from the Indian Robotics (616) team.

They all came together to participate in a GRR(340)eat event, and to see a Newton division alliance win the 2005 FIRST Robotics Championship Competition.


Simply awesome, again.

How long did it take you to come up with that? I could sit here for a week and get about three sentences done :stuck_out_tongue:

Genius :slight_smile:

…Pie-Eating Contest?
…Midget Tossing Competition?

Baker, how does it end?!?!? The suspense is killing me! :ahh:

Ive known that man for 6 years now, and he still never ceases to amaze me…

Electricity Bill-$100
DSL Internet -$45

Reading Any Bakers post- priceless :smiley:

Nice job, lol. I love the 1023 part :stuck_out_tongue:

Andy, they can make me read all of the books they want in college, but your stories are still my favorites. :smiley:

I was waiting for this. Great job, Andy, as always.

So am I going to have to do Archimedes again, or will someone else step up to the plate - it´s hard being creative when you´re in Mexico and all you have to use is a half-functional Spanish keyboard. :slight_smile: Let´s see a story for each division this year!


Well done!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve been working since Monday on a similar story for Archimedes - entitled “Archimedes Abduction”. I’ll post it tonight.

Anyone from Curie and/or Galileo going to take up the challenge?

Sheesh Andy don’t you have a day job? Eh who cares your day job consists of Inspiring, Entertaining and easing the ever growing pressure as the nationals counts down. Good job Andy. Rep Points for 4 people who come up with stories for the Championship Divisions.

Andy for Newton
Anyone else care to challenge just 3 more available =)
Need one for Galileo, Curie, Archimedes.
T- 7 Days

haha thats awsome! :smiley:

Wow… just wow… You’re Awesome Andy!

Why limit ourselves to only one story per division? If you have one, let’s see it! The more, the merrier.

Awesome post Rolling Thunder LOL

maybe this is becoming too easy for you, next year or being theirs still time try making a story using every team goin to nationals or just another for Galileo being thats where im at this year and i feel soooo left out now! lol awsome job once again

Archimedes Has 2 Stories
Newton Has 1 Story
Galileo Has 1 Story
Curie has no stories yet =(

Those who make the stories recieve Rep Points
You can post these stories in the new thread titled “Nationals - Divisional Stories 2005”

What has been created thus far has been posted in there =) Keep em coming


Amazing work Andy! See you and the TecknoKats in a matter of days!