The Subtle Secret of Success: Karthik's TEDx Talk

Most of you know Karthik from here on ChiefDelphi, or from meeting him at events. If you don’t already - he is an insanely smart individual, a dedicated mentor and advocate for STE(A)M/Robotics Education, and a pretty great person to be able to call a friend. :slight_smile:

Did you know he gave a TEDx talk recently?

It just got posted, and I figure it’d be a good thing to share with the community here. I watched it on the live-stream and it was just incredible. There’s a lot here to take away, and I hope you guys take a chance to watch it.

Great job, Karthik!

Thanks Libby! I have been waiting for it to show up on my TED app, but hadn’t seen it yet.

Karthick is great person, easy to talk to and a great mentor.

I don’t know if TEDx presentations show on the TED app. TEDx is an “independently organized event”. Part of TED but different.

You can find more of his thoughts at the MIT Mentorship Initiative website here


Thanks for the heads up!

This is true. However, TEDx talks with enough momentum behind them are often picked up by TED, put on the app, featured on their website, etc.

So go go go, watch the heck out of this video! Let’s get Karthik on the app! :slight_smile:

I just got around to watching this, and I’ve got to say, this talk really rung a familiar bell. I personally was able to relate to a lot of the examples for each talking point that Karthik made. I cannot begin to describe how inspirational “good competition” can be. Thank you, Karthik, for the very inspirational homework distraction.

"And, if you are not enthusiastic about something you are destined to be average … "

This quote is perfect. You really separate those who’ve got it and those who don’t when this scares you to the core.

Average may be a stop along the journey, but it would make a terrible final destination.

Wow. Just…wow…

am going to make each of my classes watch it today…

Inspirational words from an inspirational person.

I have learned a lot from Karthik in the many years I have known him. I think this video speaks volumes about his character and wisdom.

That is an awesome talk, especially in front of a college crowd - great job, Karthik! Thank you for sharing this, Libby! I have been a fan of what Karthik and the other mentors have done up North, Simbotics is one of those teams who make FIRST successful by sharing thier experinces with the FRC community - and they always come to win…and often do!

Thanks to everyone for the kind words, it means more than you can imagine. This talk is especially applicable to FIRSTers on a lot of different levels. The response from the community has been truly humbling. I’m glad people enjoyed it, and thanks to everyone for helping spread the word.