The suspense is killing me

2 new questions were recently posted on the Q&A and awaiting an answer. Im probably not the only one here who is hoping for another “Chute door” response.

Q275 Q. Transport Configuration

Q264 Q. Are we going to attach bumper to the Robot’s base?

I’m loving these witty responses to questions this season so far, don’t let us down!

Same here. I keep hoping that the answer to Q264 is something along the lines of “We don’t know. Are you?”

“We cannot comment on specific robot designs. Especially ones that have not been decided yet.”

“Outlook unclear.”

“We apologize, but due to the recent blizzard the mayonnaise jar is still frozen to Funk and Wagnall’s back porch.”

You’re showing your age, Alan. The mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall’s back porch hasn’t been referenced ion TV n the lifetime of any current FIRST student!

Dr. Bob

Q264 has an even better answer than predicted: useful with an amusing coda - my emphasis

A: We’re thinking you are asking if bumpers are required this season. There are no rules requiring bumpers be placed on the ROBOT, though teams may use them if they wish. See the Blue Box at the end of Section 4.1 for more information.
If, on the other hand, you are asking us to guess if your particular team is going to be using bumpers, our Magic 8-Ball says "Cannot predict now."

Q275 either got deleted or the OP removed it…

Man, that’s rather disappointing…
Great opportunity missed…

That is just great! I’m really hoping there will be more witty answers to future questions. I have a feeling teams are going to start purposely posting those types of questions now.

I see two things that can happen here.

  1. A new Q&A answer poster named Magic 8-Ball.
  2. A Q&A session at FIRST Championship with the GDC’s Magic 8-ball.

That would be pretty entertaining…

Honestly, I would probably pay to see that.

Old Gals & Gals Rule

My favorite timeless Carnac is still

Are those any relation to “Oink Oink Boom”?

(Speaking of showing one’s ago - Carnac?)

I sincerely hope not. Let’s not waste the GDC’s time when they’ve been working so hard to answer questions. It’ll get old very fast.

One of Johnny Carson’s characters. See this link for Carnac the Magnificent


Not only have they been effective at answering questions, it seems to me that they’ve also been quicker at posting those answers, as compared to years past.