The suspense is terrible...I hope it'll last

Waiting for the publication of the second preferences. It’s on for me

It’s live!

Only for some events it seems.

Right now my dashboard is letting me know that we owe them $4000, though it won’t tell me what for.


Ok back to back Weeks 4 and 5 confirmed…:exploding_head:


same. West Michigan week 4 and then alpena week 5. It was fun last year so it will hopefully go just as well this year

We’ve never done 2 events back to back that I can remember… usually between events there’s a lot of rework happening so this will be interesting needing to get all the main components right the first time. At least there’s no bag day.

until FIRST says bag between events

Or has this been discussed?

Woohoo! So excited for 3468 to be going to the Arkansas Regional this year, as well as our Home Bayou Regional!

There will not be bag between events.

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342 will be at Palmetto and Rocket City!


Email says to click a link to see my events… very spammy sounding. Evidently 4276 is waitlisted for Los Angeles… the email just says we wanted Los Angeles, but LA does not show on our event page, and firstinspires doesn’t say we owe any extra money.

Looks like we are going to North Dakota, week one. Though the dashboard still has not updated; I found out through my email.

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The frc events web says 4276 is on for Orange County

Same here for Northern Lights. The last time we were waitlisted (2018), we got an email that was differently formatted and clearly said we were on the waitlist. This time… it’s the exact same format and wording as our first event, just missing the word “registered” underneath the event. So you can’t really tell from the email what your status is. A little frustrating.


5190 will be at the FNC Wake Co. and FNC Guilford Co. events!

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That was their first choice.

We’re in the same situation. Hoping that the event options on the dashboard re-opens soon so we can see for sure.

looks like we wont be running into yall till states then. We are attending FNC Asheville and FNC Pembroke events this year.