The T.E.S.T. 2022 | ZONED OUT

Are you ready to put your team to The T.E.S.T. (Team Experience & Skills Training)? If so, join us for this year’s game, ZONED OUT

ZONED OUT is a game of ZONE control, using RINGS & ORBS to help claim ZONES and gaining bonus points for having ZONES connected at the end of the MATCH. Whoever scores the most points by the end of the match wins!

See the links below to get the information teams will be looking for to being their build season:
Game Reveal: ZONED OUT Reveal Comic Book Video (Source Comic)
Manual (1.0.0): ZONED OUT Game Manual
CAD Files/Drawings: ZONED OUT CAD & Drawings
RING Assembly: RING Assembly Document
AprilTag Information: Rapid React AprilTag Documentation

For future updates (such as manual/rules updates) to this program throughout the semester, stay tuned in this thread.

Registration is open TODAY, and will continue to be open until October 22th. Please fill out this Registration Form if you would like to register for our program! Teams have all semester to work at your team’s pace, so fear not, since many other teams in this program do not start their T.E.S.T. season until later in the fall!

Each FRC team can register up to 3 The T.E.S.T. teams, with the cost breakdown below:

First Team = $150 | Second Team = $50 | Third Team = $30

We have 2 days to offer teams for competition. Saturday, December 10 | Sunday, December 11.

We currently have a total of 13 teams, which will likely split to 7 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. We’d love to have 8-10 teams per day, so if you’re interested, please reach out to me or sign up directly using the Form!


I want to learn more about this program (The T.E.S.T.)

The T.E.S.T. (Team Experience & Skills Training), previously called Turtle Trials, is a program that was very much inspired by both OCCRA out of Michigan and BunnyBots out of the PNW/Chesapeake regions. We wanted a way to offer the same effective in-context training experience for FRC teams in our area (FIRST Upper Midwest). This program mirrors a full season of FRC starting from kickoff, moving into an extended build season, and finishing off as a competition in December at the end of The T.E.S.T. season.

We had a fantastic pilot season last year with the teams that were involved! Check out this thread if you want to know how that season went!

How do I fit this program into my team’s preseason meeting schedule?

The thing that drives people away from a program like this is thinking they have to be ready to start on the day of kickoff. You can start your “The T.E.S.T. Season” at a point in your preseason that works best for your team (example below). You can also decide how simple or complex of a robot you want to make depending on how often you meet during the season. These games are meant to have simple game mechanics with an emphasis on strategy.

2491, NoMythic, is a great example of a team who participates in this event and fits it into a schedule that works best for them. They use the earlier part of their fall season for recruitment and basic training, and then “premier” The T.E.S.T. to the team once they have been trained and established later in October, instead of the original October 1st reveal date.

Another way teams can approach this program is by doing all their traditional fall training for the majority of their fall preseason, then using the last 2-3 weeks as a “condensed season” where they meet as often as they would in the build season to simulate what that time commitment would be like for new students who have never participated in FRC before. At the end of that 2-3 week period, they then have a competition for their teams to attend and get practical competition experience.

Does this replace offseason events?

No, we believe that traditional offseason events and The T.E.S.T. accomplish different things. For most FRC teams, they only make slight modifications or small changes to their robots prior to competing at offseason events. The events themselves allow teams to see a close relationship to what a traditional FRC event looks like (since they will often compete on a real field), as well as giving great drive practice to potential new drivers for their team.

The T.E.S.T. leans on what is lacking from traditional offseason events with the entire path of creating a robot from scratch. This gives teams the opportunity to train their students on their kickoff and brainstorming process with a game they’ve never seen before, making the experience more authentic to the real thing. When doing a similar exercise for a game that already exists (say for the purposes of making an improved robot for an offseason event), you already know the most optimal path to design a robot because of the large sample size to take inspiration from.

What makes The T.E.S.T. different from FRC offseason events?

To us, the biggest difference is that The T.E.S.T. allows you to hold a “kickoff” day where you can practice your team’s brainstorming and decision making process for the rest of the season. Teams can do this with old FRC games, or even to the most recent FRC game if the goal is to make a new version of their robot, but where that comes short is that there are direct examples of robots that already accomplish that exact task. The T.E.S.T. allows them to truly think of original ideas for a game no one has seen before, very much like the start of a real FRC season would go.

There are a few other key differences between how traditional FRC offseason events and The T.E.S.T. events run. Below are some of the biggest differences between the program offerings.

  • Smaller 27’x30’ field
  • Drive teams must rotate in qualification matches
  • Robots have a speed cap (cannot be faster than 10.5 fps)
  • 2 v 2 tournament format
  • Round Robin playoff format
  • Lower build quality expectations (think functional prototype robot or Everybot)

Excited to be there again this year!

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Update 1.1.0: Game Manual 1.1.0

  • Changed geometry of Center PILLAR to 24" x 36" base (was 36" x 36") after feedback of the challenge that geometry made with the robot size restrictions (Manual & Field CAD have been updated) | Pages affected: 7, 9

  • New A.3 section added with intention of adding additional helpful images or definitions. Currently added is a reference image of how an ORB affects the points and ring counts of a PILLAR | Pages affected: added 33

Update 1.2.0: Game Manual 1.2.0

  • G38 Added to clarify that ROBOTS are not allowed to possess opposing ALLIANCE GAME PIECES

  • Increased the number of COACHES allowed for QUALIFICATION matches from 1 to 2

  • A.3 ORB Bonus image updated to view a more complex example, as well as image being added in Section 4.5 Scoring of the Manual


Update 1.2.1: Game Manual 1.2.1 (mostly attempts at clarification on a lot of different things)

  • Added row in Table 4.1 to clarify how ZONE Ownership is determined
  • Added clarification of ORBS not able to be scored on CENTER PILLAR (Section 3.7, Section 6.1.3 Rule G39)
  • Added extra picture to translate the Work-in-Progress Live Scoring images in A.3 of Appendix
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Update 1.3.0: Game Manual 1.3.0

  • MAJOR CHANGE: Playoff format has been changed, removing 3-alliance Triple Round Robin, adding 4-Alliance Double Elimination (this is an attempt to give teams experience with the new playoff format for FRC prior to the season)

  • Live scoring prototype visuals have been updated to (attempt to) better reflect the way ORBS affect the RING count on a PILLAR

  • Provided additional explanation of how to interpret the live scoring overlays

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Our event is live today!! Below are the official match schedule as well as the link to today’s livestream. Thanks so much to everyone in the community coming together to make this happen!

Livestream Link: The T.E.S.T. 2022 | ZONED OUT - YouTube

Practice matches start at 9:00 AM, and qualification matches start at 10:30 AM.

Match Schedule
MATCHES RED 1 RED 2 BLUE 1 BLUE 2 Duration Time
P1 2239B 3926 2052A 3100B 0:10:00 9:00 AM
P2 4536 4549 2052B 3100A 0:10:00 9:10 AM
P3 2239A 2491A 2491B 7258 0:10:00 9:20 AM
P4 2052B 2052A 3100A 4536 0:10:00 9:30 AM
P5 4549 2239A 3100B 2239B 0:10:00 9:40 AM
P6 2491A 7258 2491B 3926 0:10:00 9:50 AM
P7 - - - - 0:10:00 10:00 AM
P8 - - - - 0:10:00 10:10 AM
Opening Ceremonies 0:10:00 10:20 AM
1: 2491B 2239A 2239B 4549 0:09:00 10:30 AM
2: 4536 2052B 7258 3926 0:09:00 10:39 AM
3: 3100B 2491A 3100A 2052A 0:09:00 10:48 AM
4: 2052B 2239B 4549 7258 0:09:00 10:57 AM
5: 2491A 2052A 2239A 4536 0:09:00 11:06 AM
6: 3100A 2491B 3926 3100B 0:09:00 11:15 AM
7: 4549 2052A 7258 2239A 0:09:00 11:24 AM
8: 3926 4536 2239B 3100A 0:09:00 11:33 AM
9: 3100B 2491B 2491A 2052B 0:09:00 11:42 AM
10: 7258 2052A 3926 4549 0:09:00 11:51 AM
Lunch 0:45:00 12:00 PM
11: 2052B 3100B 2491A 2239B 0:09:00 12:45 PM
12: 2239A 3100A 2491B 4536 0:09:00 12:54 PM
13: 2239B 3926 2052A 3100B 0:09:00 1:03 PM
14: 4536 4549 2052B 3100A 0:09:00 1:12 PM
15: 2239A 2491A 2491B 7258 0:09:00 1:21 PM
16: 2052B 2052A 3100A 4536 0:09:00 1:30 PM
17: 4549 2239A 3100B 2239B 0:09:00 1:39 PM
18: 2491A 7258 2491B 3926 0:09:00 1:48 PM
19: 4549 3100A 2239A 2052B 0:09:00 1:57 PM
20: 2239B 4536 3926 2491A 0:09:00 2:06 PM
21: 3100B 7258 2052A 2491B 0:09:00 2:15 PM
22: 2239A 2239B 3100A 2491A 0:09:00 2:24 PM
23: 2491B 4549 2052A 3926 0:09:00 2:33 PM
24: 7258 2052B 4536 3100B 0:09:00 2:42 PM
25: 3100A 3926 2491A 4549 0:09:00 2:51 PM
26: 3100B 2239A 4536 7258 0:09:00 3:00 PM
27: 2052A 2239B 2052B 2491B 0:09:00 3:09 PM
28: 4536 2491A 4549 3100B 0:09:00 3:18 PM
29: 3926 2052B 2052A 2239A 0:09:00 3:27 PM
30: 7258 3100A 2239B 2491B 0:09:00 3:36 PM
Alliance Selections 0:30:00 3:45 PM
U-QF 1 (1) Alliance 1 Alliance 4 0:09:00 4:15 PM
U-QF 2 (2) Alliance 2 Alliance 3 0:09:00 4:24 PM
Field Timeout 0:09:00 4:33 PM
U-SF 1 (3) W (1) W (2) 0:09:00 4:42 PM
L-QF (4) L (1) L (2) 0:09:00 4:51 PM
Field Timeout 0:09:00 5:00 PM
L-SF (5) W (4) L (3) 0:09:00 5:09 PM
Field Timeout 0:09:00 5:18 PM
Finals 1 (6) W (3) W (5) 0:09:00 5:27 PM
Field Timeout 0:09:00 5:36 PM
Finals 2 (7) W (3) W (5) 0:09:00 5:45 PM
Field Timeout 0:09:00 5:54 PM
Finals 3 (8) W (3) W (5) 0:09:00 6:03 PM

@cnepo and everyone else who helped put on this event, thank you so much! It ran great and everyone on our team had a ton of fun an learned a lot this offseason because of it!

Team 2052B, thanks for being a great alliance partner, it was incredible to get upset after upset with y’all in playoffs until we won the finals

-Ian, 3926 the MPArors