The Team Information System

I remember that after the FIRST Forum or whatever you call that back in August people posted that September 3rd would be the day that you would be able to start updating team information/registering new teams. Also, when you go the system it said to check back after labor day. Well, now it’s been a week and still no word… Does anyone know when the system will open up?

I tried to edit my old post, but I couldn’t, and I can’t delete it so here it goes…
now that the system is up, I have noticed it won’t let me edit any contact besides the first one on the list and it won’t save the changes. Also, it won’t let me delete anyone, well actually it says it will, but then it does not. Is anyone else having this problems? I am doing something wrong?

I was just out on the FIRST site. The Team Info System is up, but it’s not up.

They have the hooks in, but the database is down.

Their other pages show that Pre-registration started September 10. Event registration starts October 1.

Yahooo…Time to get this party started all over again.:smiley: