The teams who win will have...

Say what you think the teams who win will have done or what you think their robots will have. List only one thing.

I’ll start. The teams who win will have practiced human player shooting for the whole 6 week build.

The teams who win will have a very effective autonomous mode.

Teams who win will have two very good partners who work well as a team.

A consistent shooter.

That’s the correct answer.
There is no way one robot can win this game by themselves. Not with the physical defense that is being played this season.

Luck. You always need a bit of that.

What is this doing in Chit Chat?

Ours practiced for about 30 minutes in the last week :wink:

Good strategy. That also means good communication between the drivers and the coach and, as DeepWater mentioned, between the whole alliance.

…gotta know what you’re doing!

A strong autonomous backed with a strong defence.

A very effectively used camera
and probably these guys as the drive team

A very well designed Scouting program.

The teams that will win this thing will have a Nice trophy when they are done :slight_smile:

Just kidding… and the real answer is…

Six or eight VERY grippy wheels.

oo ooo, the teams that will win:
Have somehow touched the balls in any fasion during the competition :smiley:

You all have very good ideas of the what will win but here is two words, that describes everything that one needs to win a regional.

Easily Controlled

25… =X i said it… i didnt want to but i did… they could if they had 2 robots running around playing D and nothing else… ah i hope korei B doesnt see this +X

  • A non Tippable Robot -

The teams who win will have more points than their opponents.
OK, that and a good autonomous, Two great alliance partners and an accurate shooter.

a basketball star as a human player

…an auto-aiming turret.

…a strong, reliable drivetrain.

Well, if you had seen 435 win an elim after Sparky go stuck on the ramp blocking someone early on (222?) and their other partner fell over, you’d sing a different tune. I have to say that was the second most enjoyable thing I’ve seen this year. They picked up balls and sunk so many, it was insane. (In case you’re wondering #1 was pushing Sparky in circles during a practice match… my I wish I’d seen the look on Sparky’s drivers’ faces… quite a bit of irritation/frustration i imagine)