The third human player

Today I scoured the rules for human player roles. As I understand, one human player will man the human player station and one will stay in the spy box. Where would the third human player go, then? Would they stay in their team’s player station, or roam around in the back retrieving boulders and providing serious moral support? Apologies if the answer is totally obvious and for some reason I’m missing it :slight_smile:


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head - the third HP can be a rover and a feeder for the boulder re-introducer.

Smart teams will have that human player act as both a boulder retriever and a 4th coach.

I think it’s especially important for one person to ensure you don’t have more than six boulders in the corral. The other human player might have his mind consumed with entering boulders and interacting with the robots.

Spy hand signal interpreter.

If one person from each team learns ASL this year, or QSL if you are from Quebec. It would be quite the network of spies.

Then we could bring back the bridges from 2012 and put all the scouts that can sign on them.

It would be far more effective than the screaming and pointing most human players in spy type roles have done in the past.

Vision is gonna suck this year with all the high defenses. Extra eyes will be very valuable especially reading signs from the spy.

Yes, mostly an extra pair of eyes, secondarily a bowler’s assistant.