The Thrifty Bot: 2" Vectored Intake Wheel Product Updates

Pre-Orders will ship by December 15th.

Finally a vectored intake wheel that packages perfectly into your robot! These wheels will help with intaking a game object while applying a lateral force, helping to center the game object into your robot.

  • 2 inch outer diameter, 7/8 inches wide
  • .07 lbs per wheel
  • 1/2 inch hex bore
  • Sold in 4 packs - 2 left hand and 2 right hand
  • Wheel bodies made of Onyx, rollers made of Nylon
  • Not for drivetrain applications
  • STEP CAD models and drawing available on product page



These are sick. Any videos of them intaking various game pieces? Are the rollers grippy at all or just straight nylon?


These are so dope, just preordered 45.


Forreal though these are super sick, going to grab a few sets ASAP!


This is gonna be the only intake wheel on our robot this year now…

Excited to get our hands on these!


Love the name. Amazing products as always!

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I’m going to blow my teams whole robot budget before kick off even happens.


Some might say, the only intake wheel you’d ever need!


Is this the wheel @Nick_Coussens said that 33 developed over the off season? If so, wasn’t there going to be a CAD release for everybody to print themselves (I might remember incorrectly)?

Edit: so no specific mention of a CAD release from the last thread that mentioned these

@Ryan_Dognaux I don’t know if the ‘preorder up to QTY’ function is working the way you want it to?

The shop interface showed 248 available while I was placing the order, then went back to 250 afterwards. So if that’s reflective of what the backend is doing, no single customer can order more than 250 but you may end up with more than 250 total preorders…

I’m going to put these on a drive train, 1986 2017 style. You can’t stop me.

and yes @jonathano, they’re in cahoots


The product page has STEP files available for download.


Thems some small mecanums


Weird, might have just been something goofy going on with the website. I see everything working OK on the backend at least.


Awesome! I wondered since if we were to order these, the shipping to Israel would be either really long (mainly bc of Israeli Post) or really expensive (UPS / FedEx), so we’d probably be better off at least testing them in our shop before deciding what to do next

Excuse me, but they’re not “mecanums”. They’re “vectored intake wheels” gosh dang it.

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Love this

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That sounds like a challenge!


Durometer rating on the rollers? These look great, we donked up a set or two of the mini red anodized mecanums trying to use them for our intake last year, these look way more appropriate, and half the price.

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Just wanna say that @Ryan_Dognaux is a sexy stallion of STEM for all he’s doing for the community.


People with experience with vectored intake wheels, does the ‘grippyness’ of the roller matter? This year for cargo I imagine it wouldn’t, but what about hard game pieces like a floor intake for gears in 2017?