The Thrifty Bot: 2" Vectored Intake Wheel Product Updates

Yep! There are small nubs printed as part of the wheel half that capture the nylon roller.

I wonder if you tested different plastics for the hype blocks…do you think PLA or markforge nylon/carbon fiber style printer, and also what did you use for infill…solid, 50%. printing a few now to test…thanks for the link.

I printed the Hypeblocks on my PLA printers with around 25-30% infill, maybe? It has been a little bit. Depends what you’re using them for I guess. I’d use them mostly for prototyping quickly but if you printed them on a Markforged you could probably just use them as competition-quality robot parts.

How many Markforged printers do you have?

Has anyone had a chance to abuse these to see what they can withstand?

Two Onyx One’s are doing nothing but cranking out vectored intake wheels at my house.

@Maximillian may be able to better answer the level of abuse they’d take as they developed them. I found my PLA versions to be plenty strong but I haven’t run them on an FRC robot in competition.

If you’re asking about the vectored intake wheels, an earlier revision was tested and used on 2019 off-season robots. Since then screws and threaded inserts that hold the two halves of the hub together were added for redundancy. The wheels held up to gameplay well and I am confident in their durability and effectiveness for use in FRC.

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1678 was sent two sets of 2" Vectored Intake Wheels for testing. We put all 8 of them on our 2019 practice robot cargo intake.

Here is a quick video we got of the retrofit intake in action:

Given the narrower axial width compared to the mecanums we ran during the 2019 competition season, we probably would have run 10-12 wheels on our 2019 robot, had we been using the Thrifty Bot 2" Vectored Intake Wheels all season. The large gap in the middle of the intake during our test made it a bit easier for the cargo to sneak out (as seen once in the video). But this is not the fault of the wheel itself.

Overall, the wheels appeared to function well for our 2019 application. However, we haven’t really put the wheels through the ringer yet. We’ll be running more tests with our 2019 practice robot in the coming weeks, so hope to have more to report back as we get more miles on these wheels.

Thanks Thrifty Bot for letting us give these wheels a spin :wink:




Appreciate the feedback, testing and video. Thanks 1678!

Just curious, is that bottom roller powered as well on your intake? I think I see an orange belt on the right hand side (of the video) from the mecanums’ axle to the bottom axle.

Yes, the bottom roller is powered with a cross-over belt coming from the motor up top.


That’s a Falcon on the intake isn’t it? Do you notice any appreciable difference over what you had prior?


That appears to be a NEO on a VP. Using the cim mounting plate.

That’s definitely a Falcon lol


Yes. 1678 was fortunate to be a beta test team for the Falcon.

We were previously using a 775pro on our intake. For the cargo intake in particular, we probably would have designed the system differently around a falcon from the get-go. The Falcon into a VP was something we did just because that setup already existed and it was an easy motor swap.

We’ll be sharing more impressions later this month, but I will say that we have been very happy with the Falcon’s performance in the applications we have tested so far. We are very excited to see what is possible with this motor in 2020.




I look forwards to what you guys have to share with the community.

Did 1678 beta test before or after the public announcement?

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We’re looking forward to it too! We hope the feedback we share is helpful to the community.

After the public announcement.

We found out about the Falcon at the same time as everyone else. I don’t want to derail this thread and we aren’t ready to share in-depth results yet, but I promise we’ll have some things to share before the end of the year (feel free to ping me Dec 31st to hold me to it!).



So, I hate to ask the obvious question, but any word on when these will be available again? I think everyone must have seen the game (and/or that one FUN video that used these) and bought up the remaining inventory within like 8 hours of kickoff. :neutral_face:

I should have posted this here too. I’ll have more in stock tomorrow evening, will give a few hours heads up but it’ll probably be around 7 PM EST.


@Ryan_Dognaux - I was just talking with one of my fellow mentors, and he floated the idea of making these split down the middle like a shaft collar, for easy replacement - instead of taking the whole intake apart, you just split it apart and bolt another one on in its place. Not entirely sure it could be done without compromising the strength of the part, but would be very cool to see if someone could figure out how it worked and started selling them…