The Thrifty Bot 2023 - 2024 Product Releases & Updates

Today we officially launched the new Thriftybot website powered by Shopify. Our goal is to provide a better user experience for our customers while giving us more powerful tools on the backend to support further growth in the future.

The main URL is the same as before -

Any gift cards that were active on the old website have been rolled over to the new one with the same code you received previously as well.

If you find anything that doesn’t look right or isn’t functioning properly, please don’t hesitate to contact us here, via DM or e-mail us at [email protected]

To celebrate our new website launch, we are offering some discounts thru September on a couple mechanism kits -

Thanks so much and we’ll be providing more details on some new products soon!


Love the new website, much cleaner look!

On a related note, I may have missed it posted somewhere else already, but could we get some more details on these? I’m always looking for a better battery terminal solution and these look pretty cool. Curious to know what the benefits are vs locknut+bolt+Nordlock washers.

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More info here: FRC 95 The Grasshoppers 2023 Build Thread - #163 by JamesCH95
And also here: ZebraPower 2.0 - The Zebracorns's Battery Paper Update

Basically: Using a Nordlock on each side of the joint is pretty good, but can still come loose if the ring terminal and battery tab are rotated relative to each other. Nordlocks do a great job preventing a fastener from rotating relative to a surface, but can’t do anything if it is the surface that rotates.


Got it on one!


@JamesCH95 was kind enough to share the custom dogbone and parts with us last year and I can confirm that these are the best and most secure method of battery cable attachment I’ve ever used. We have had zero issues with loose connections at the terminals since installing them, going through three regionals, Johnson division, and lots of practice. These were a major contributor to us having zero electrical failures in all of our matches for 2023.

I am not at all surprised that Thrifty would once again sell a very handy product that gets overlooked by other FRC-specific supply houses. Very much in the Thrifty vein. Nice job @Ryan_Dognaux


If my window is narrow enough to cause the mobile appearance with hamburger menu, I see a section in the expanded menu of

Need help?
Call us 000-000-0000
[email protected]

Obviously that phone number is bogus.

This doesn’t seem to appear anywhere at full desktop size.

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Out of curiosity, how long do think stock will last for the telescoping kit (guessing is totally cool)? Takes us awhile to move money to order things.

Fixed! Thanks for finding this!

Contact (I guess it’s actually at the bottom of every page?)
In the Newsletter section, I see the box to insert “Your email”, but below that is a button that appears entirely white which I assume is some kind of submit button.
Very bottom of the page says to contact at [email protected], should that be [email protected]?

We have plenty of stock, enough to have a sale in September :slight_smile:

Thanks for the website findings, we’ll get it cleaned up here as we can.

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Wow. Looking through your selection of products, you’ve come a long way in just a few years. Congratulations!

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The description link to the Thrifty Bushings on this page is broken: Thrifty Clamping Bushing Block

Love the new website look!



Ryan irl



Website looks great. How many more new parts are you going to release this year? The grasshopper battery attachment system is really nice. Wish i would’ve thought of it.


Thanks, this should be fixed along with the other website issues mentioned.

We have a few sneak peeks on the website now of some new items and we’ll have more coming here in the Fall & Winter before build season.

Buying for Thrifty Swerve? Check out the Thrifty Swerve UP upgrade kit that includes the correct bolts for mounting to the thrifty swerve.

The space between “the” and “Thrifty Swerve UP” is unexpectedly colored blue on the page.

Edit: for that matter the link to that UP upgrade kit is a 404.

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Love the looks of the new Hall Effect Sensor.

The sensor itself looks simple and compact (the LED is a great feature too), and the included magnet is one of the easier ones I’ve seen for mounting on a robot! Definitely will look at picking a few of these up to have on hand.

This is the other new electrical product, the omnidirectional hall effect sensors. These are another plug and play option for teams to know the digital proximity of a device. We included an LED (normally on) and a clear molded case to make debugging super easy from any direction. Team 7407 and 5010 ran these in beta for us last season. Bonus that they run at both 5V and 3.3V so you can wire them to pretty much anything.


Are product #'s no longer a thing with ThriftyBot? I’m pulling together a shopping list for another team at the moment, and I always give both a link and a part # for reference to ensure there is no confusion when ordering. While starting to add items from ThriftyBot, I noticed that I can’t seem to find any product numbers listed anymore.

Edit: WAIT WHAT!? When did Studica start selling ThriftyBot products??? This is the best day ever for Canadians!!!