The Thrifty Bot 2023 - 2024 Product Releases & Updates

We got them turned back on if you go into the individual product SKUs and will work to get them turned on so you don’t have to click into the product page. I know on the old website you could see them while browsing and that was a nice feature.

Y’all don’t miss a thing :slight_smile:

You’ll start seeing some Thriftybot products over at Studica for teams in Canada and we also are working with Saad Robot to give teams based in Israel better access to our products as well. Hopefully this will help teams during build season get faster access to parts when they really need them.


This is awesome. Wasn’t aware a distributor existed out there! Are there any similar vendors breaking out in Austraila or China in the near future?


Will we see more products appear then just what is there? I would like to see 3in and 4in squishy wheels and individual elevator bearing blocks. Less important to me but still nice would be to encoders and hall effect sensors.

Also on your website your wheels should have their own category under motion.

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We’ll definitely add this, easy enough to do.

If there are products you want to see on Studica definitely let us know and we can send feedback their way as well.


Biggest thing I’ve noticed so far missing from the lineup at Studica are Thrifty’s 13.75mm ID flanged bearings. Gotta say though that in general, the vast majority of Thrifty products I’d want to order appear to be available.

So very very excited about this!


We’re looking at getting some Absolute Encoders, so I wouldn’t be sad to see those available in Canada. :slight_smile:


The availability comes at a great price though :wink:

These are on hand now and ready to ship

My favorite part is the case is translucent and the LED in the sensor somewhat lights up the entire case. Easy to see if you have power to the sensor immediately right after it’s plugged in.


With thrifty CAN wire for sale, Are there plans to make hardware that interfaces via CAN down the line?


Thanks to all of the teams who came out and applied to be a part of Team Thrifty. We had a lot of really great applications and it was extremely hard to narrow the list down. Hopefully next season we can sponsor even more teams, you’re all doing incredible things.

Our 2023 - 2024 Team Thrifty sponsored teams -

  • 67 - The HOT Team
  • 930 - Mukwonago BEARs
  • 1684 - The Chimeras
  • 1706 - Ratchet Rocker Robotics
  • 2713 - Red Hawk Robotics
  • 2767 - Stryke Force
  • 3015 - Ranger Robotics
  • 3467 - Windham Windup
  • 5460 - Strike Zone Robotics
  • 5895 - Peddie School Robotics
  • 7157 - uBotics
  • 7407 - Wired Boars
  • 7457 - SuPURDUEper Robotics
  • 8096 - Cache Money
  • 8177 - Vector
  • 9312 - NERD Spark

Congratulations to the teams who will help test upcoming Thriftybot products. Thanks again to those who applied and good luck to everyone this upcoming season!


Short answer, yes. Longer answer is we want to start developing our electrical supply chain with these simpler sensors before leaping into the can world, but we are very excited about the new product pipeline at Thrifty.


Impressive list of teams there.

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Solid list! I appreciate the mix of team ages you have going here.