The Thrifty Bot New Product Overview - Product Showcase - Explain that Image - FRC Updates Now

New FRC Updates Now video with @Ryan_Dognaux from The Thrifty Bot discussing new 2022 products and providing a product showcase and explain that image with photos from the past!

Comment on the video what color vectored intake wheel you would like to be entered to win your choice of a set of colored vectored intake wheels from TTB! Drawing on Friday 12/31!

Favorite explain that image from the show:


@ Ryan_Dognaux Any thoughts on getting into the vision market? I know compute mods are hard to find but when that opens up you could get into the vision game. with the open design of the glow worm and photon vision being mature you could help a lot of teams get into vision more easily than home rolled and less than a limelight


I was really hoping when I heard thrifty cam this was going to be TTB vision system lol.

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Not to de-rail too much, but a TTB Vision system would be really cool. Kinda wonder how the new Raspi Zero 2 would do for a vision system. Maybe a vision hat for one would be pretty cool in the future if it worked well.

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It was your reaction to the thrifty cam in the video than made me think of it. That and the absolute encoder which made me realize they can do electronics too.

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It works well with Photonvision - I got 60fps at 480p using the standard vision pipeline. I could see it working well with a PiHat. But there are serious supply chain issues with Raspi right now that make getting any one model consistently difficult.
Teams can buy singles of Raspi 2 Ws right now, but any packaged solution will need to support several different models of raspi to make them viable. Right now my plan is to hold onto my Rpi 2 W and use it with SnakeEyes if I need to get vision working in-season.


Hey Tyler just a heads up because I think you’ve done it twice now, it’s TTB (The Thrifty Bot) not TFB.


Called out. Thanks.

I think they would have best luck just trying to go with a Rpi CM4, don’t know the lot sizes they would need but with just under 4000 active FRC teams and good number of them already have Limelight or Glowworms I wouldn’t think they would need too many.

It’s hard to find even a single one for sale, let alone enough for a production run.

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