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Is there an API for the Thrifty Encoder? I might be missing something but I haven’t been able to find one anywhere

Should just work as an analog in?

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Ah thank you, I’ve only ever worked with CANcoders in FRC so I just assumed it would be in a thriftybot library

There seems to be a problem with at least one of the dimensional drawings for the elevator gussets. Are they 0.69" wide, leaving a 0.31" space for bearings (third image), or is there a 0.327" space, meaning the gusset is 0.673" wide? Or are you using 1.017" wide tubing?

You’re right, I’m not sure what happened there. Image has been updated on the product listing as well -


For those that ordered the Telescoping Tube Kits - all of the final production plates and parts have arrived. I’ll be kitting and shipping them out this week. I’ll also be working on an assembly video and have that posted up too.


You know you’re an engineer when you get excited looking at something that’s been machined, vibratorily deburred, and then coated and thinking mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy. It’s no wonder why my wife wonders about me sometimes.


Ooo Ooo OOo… bonus points if you wear this instead of a bowtie next time you have to go to a formal function.

(You do wear bowties instead of normal ties, right? All true nerds do.)


Did anything ever end up coming of this @Ryan_Dognaux ? We’re looking at possibly needing to create our own hole patterns this year as a result of the pandemic (purchased raw stock with the intent of a local sponsor machining the pattern. Covid has thrown a real wrench into that though…). Our initial thoughts were to purchase some drill bushings from you and print a jig. But if I can purchase a more robust solution from one of my favourite vendors, I’d likely do that instead.

I’m not planning to release anything at this time. I’ve tried creating a lot of different jigs in different ways and none of them really held up as well as I would have liked. Probably good enough for using them for inter-team purposes and using them a handful of times but not something I would be comfortable selling as a product.


What does she wonder?


Just curious if you’re okay with sharing, how are you making the protrusions and axle cutout? Looking at the part at first I thought it was just a milled plate, but now I see it has to be more complicated than that.

The respect I give this statement is over 9000


I asked back in November how these were made on the facebook page. Myself and a few team mentors were thinking the same thing you are, “no way that’s machined!”.

I was told they are machined. Looking closely at the features, there are small radii on the raised “L’s” suggesting a tiny endmill may have been used there, and the semi circle for the bearing shaft could have been done with a ball end mill.


Telescoping tube kits have started shipping today so if you ordered one you should start seeing tracking numbers hit your inbox. I’ve filmed the assembly video and will work on editing it to make sure that’s posted by the time teams start receiving their kits. Thanks for all of your patience and support on this product!


@Ryan_Dognaux Do you have an estimate when you will have bevel gear sets back in stock?

Looking to get those back in stock by kickoff, it’s all with the same shipment as the other items.

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Any idea on when the new products mentioned in this FUN video will be available?

Full disclosure that I’ve only had time to skim the video to hear about the new 2022 products. There is a very real possibility that I skipped over a part in the video where this was addressed :sweat_smile:

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Basically whenever they show up, hopefully that’s before kickoff :crossed_fingers:


The fabrication & assembly video for the Telescoping Tube Kit has been uploaded: Thrifty Telescoping Tube Assembly Video - YouTube

This video was created for teams that only have access to hand tools and hopefully it helps demonstrate the assembly process well. Let me know if you have any questions.