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Looks like you’re on a roll for mechanisms. Vectored intake wheels for 2020 and now the telescoping arms!


Indeed. I appreciate all the purchases from everyone, its been an overwhelming wild weekend.

We’ll likely be out of stock on them sometime tonight or tomorrow. I am working on a plan with a timeline to get a second round of plates made and will add that to the product listing & post it here once I have all of that information pulled together.


Do you have experience with using the telescoping arms on an incline? Does it behave as well as straight up and down?

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I’m assuming the comments on inventory here are regarding specifically the telescoping climber kit that are now listed as out of stock?

How are things looking for the vectored intake wheels right now? The store shows “in stock” right now (opposed to saying both in stock, and showing remaining quantity like your other listings). Are there any trends right now that may indicate these will go out of stock soon (thinking in the next 1-1.5 weeks)? We’re likely to order a fair amount for our design this year, but won’t know until January 18th if we can commit to the season or not. Hoping I can hold out that long before ordering without running into supply issues… :crossed_fingers:

If I recall, you had mentioned that the switch to PLA and “normal” printers (ie, cheaper and not a markforged) had made it much easier to scale production of these wheels.


Not yet, as we did not know anything about this game ahead of time. Hope to have some testing once things get a little less crazy on the order fulfillment side. It extends fine if you hold it at an angle if that’s the question though.

I have built up a fair amount of stock, but they are selling. If a color runs out I will likely remove it from the option list until it is back in stock. But I wouldn’t say I’m low on stock at this point in time. I have more rollers on their way now to produce additional wheels as the season goes on too.

I should have a better idea on an ETA for climb restocking in the next day or two.

For those of you who have placed an order - the item we’re waiting on are bearings. They have shipped and I’m just waiting for them to show up. Should hopefully start to see a lot of climb kits shipping by this weekend as we kit up everything we can on it waiting for that single item.

Also for those who have been asking - Bearing Megaplates have arrived. Should get them up tomorrow sometime


Curious. Has anyone tried using the thrifty climber with a powder coated finish on the tubes? I have not yet gotten into the models, but this popped up and figured I’d ask around.

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Doubtful, I sure didn’t powder coat them during development lol.

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That was my assumption, but still excited to get these in and use them!


A quick question about the Motor Megaplate…
Do you think the mounting holes will line up with the new maxplanetary from Rev? We are excited about these, but want to know if they will work with the new system.

It absolutely should line up. I left the 1 MAX I have on hand at the team meeting last night so I can’t take a picture of it, but it has a 2" mounting pattern similar to the versaplanetary. Maybe hold off though as I’m not sure how much that hex socket sticks out and whether it would interfere with the hole size on the motor mount plate. I’ll get some pictures of it this week, it may make more sense just to use the bearing megaplate since it still has the 2" mount pattern as well.

It also mounts nicely to the clamping bearing block via the included counterbore hole & hardware:

Initial impression is these things are max chonky and have a super robust feel. Looking forward to using it.


Thrifty Bearing Megaplates are now available -

Some have had issues importing the telescoping tube kit into Solidworks. I’ve uploaded the model to OnShape, there you should be able to export into any file format you need and have it import successfully: Onshape


@Drew4564 check out this dub


The hex socket part of the output on the MP does not protrude put past the face you mount to, so this should not be an issue at all.


Dope. Good stuff.

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Telescoping Tube Kit Update -

For those who ordered in this first round, some bearings have arrived today & more are on their way in the mail now, which means more kits will start to ship out. I will keep a daily updated status on the product page showing which tube kit order was the last to ship out to give people an idea how many orders are between theirs & what has currently shipped.

For those looking to order a kit - we have established a timeline for all of the major subcomponents and expect for them to ship the week of 01/24 to us. We’d then turn around and start shipping the round 2 kits out the following week assuming everything arrives on time. Our supplier has already started machining plates, so work is very much in progress on this -


I’ll be turning Round 2 pre-orders on within the next hour or so and if demand exceeds what is listed I will continue to try & source additional components for round 3.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!


Finally able to meet in person and had 3 rookie students and a mentor assemble the telescoping kit in less then an hour. The video directions were super useful and overall seems like another great product from Thrifty Bot.



Nice job getting it together so quickly and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Should be seeing a lot more of these going out next week as we’ve spent the week kitting up all of the hardware kits and more 1/4" x 1/2" bearings are arriving Monday.


Have you considered manufacturing a vision solution even a version of glowrorm ?

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With the current IC shortage, we are staying away from new electrical products. Also, the problem with making a vision system is we are not sure what unique features we could bring to the table.


I think he was suggesting just bring your “Thriftyness”!