The Thumbs Down Reaction Should Go Away

I don’t think the thumbs down reaction :-1: is necessary on Chief Delphi, and I think it should be removed. I can’t think of an instance where a thumbs down reaction is useful…

  • “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

  • If somebody disagrees with a post, the best course of action for that person is to articulate why they don’t agree with the post in their own post

  • Giving people the ability to troll certain topics with passive aggressive negative reactions doesn’t promote a positive community discourse

  • Pretty much all the posts I’ve seen that generate a lot of thumbs down reactions also generate a lot of discussion with people providing opposing views

Am I missing anything? Does anybody feel strongly that the thumbs down reaction has a place on Chief Delphi?

I fully expect some ironic thumbs down reactions on this post


Sometimes I disagree and explaining why isn’t a positive use of my time.

Like if someone said we should ban mecanum wheels I’d probably just thumbs down and move on because i assume they are trolling. :wink:


Yeah, I don’t really see the value it adds. I think some of the other reacts could be trimmed down too, like the thumbs up, hand pointing up, and maybe the 100 that more or less indicate the same thing as the normal like react.

I also haven’t seen the hug used sincerely but there may just not be a lot of opportunities to use it on here.


Completely unironic thumbs down. I’m glad that people are able to add their thoughts to a post, negative or positive. They’re just dots man.


At least one of them was not intended ironically.

Isn’t it ironic? It’s like ten thousand :-1: when all you need is a :hugs:

You know what… it’s pretty hard to predict what the result would be if we implemented your idea. Maybe it would work. Is there a point in arguing about it if we could just do a test? Can we just remove all the negative reactions for a week? If it makes things better, great! If it makes things worse, change it back.

We shouldn’t be afraid to try it. Who knows?


A user was suspended for reactions. So idk if that’s true anymore.

Just mentioned this in another thread but I would be fine going back to the hearts only when this was moved over to Discorse.


This is fine, but why should I (say I don’t know you) value your expression of disagreement? There is no row of green dots next to your name that says your disagreement-without-explanation should carry any weight in the discourse.

Isn’t it really a reflection of vast privelege to be able to give a drive-by thumbs-down and think that is a proper way of communicating with people?


I’ll add my two cents on thumbs up and point up. I run out of likes every so often on this forum and the other reactions are my only way of still adding my input/“like”.


wait we can run out of likes ?


hearts only makes it hard to show disagreement without confrontation though


In a given time period, yes. Currently, I have a little more than 3.5+ hours until the next post I can like.




There is nuance between identifying if words/reactions are hate speech vs not.


Patterns of behavior matter.

Nate, your question requires more nuance than I’m willing to type out on my phone now. I do plan on expanding on this.


pchild has a reputation beyond repute


Don’t be agitatin’ anyone’s dots, bub.


I should clarify that I don’t feel incredibly strongly about this, but it felt like a worthy topic of conversation!


There actually is value to the thumbs down react, if you see that a post has 5-10 thumbs down reacts you know that it’s likely a trolling response or occasionally the community expressing distaste for an uncommon opinion.

I’m not sure if it’s technically possible, but I’d much prefer if non-heart reacts were only visible (both to the writer and observers) when >3 instances pop up. That would eliminate the issue we saw earlier with some individuals’ targeted harassment with thumbs down and simultaneously limit dogpiling against unpopular opinions. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who has a reaction to seeing a specific emote on a post, which can make someone :-1: a post they normally wouldn’t if they’re the second person to react.

At the same time, this should maintain the ability of the community to self police and point out toxic posts with several people independently showing they disagree.


In an age when even the politest expression of disagreement on certain topics (this goes well beyond CD) can get you branded as a hater, there’s definitely a place for a non-verbal expression of disagreement.


Can we bring back to dead horse emoji from pre-discourse days? I feel that is more useful than the others. :pirate_flag: