The Tidewater News - article on 616

I only have the link to the image that I scanned because the Tidewater News is a very small area paper and does not have a website. I have not had time to get it on the website yet and make it a good reading size so you’ll probably have to scroll through it depending on what browser you are using.

The guy that wrote this had no previous knowledge of the game or FIRST and didn’t quite use the correct words but there were also pictures (not included on this link).

Very cool. Hope to see the pictures that were with it. :slight_smile:

Cool to see it in the newspaper, but I can see were the writer was confused. Saying that the robots were in a cage, and that the 2x multipliers went on top of the cage; makes one think that they have to put it on the playing field. Oh well, I guess the writer ment well, It’s not his/her fault that the games tend to be complex.