The time machine

Ok, here’s one of my unorthodox ways of amusing myself-

I want you to look back to your first year on a FIRST team (this applies for students and mentors) and compare yourself as you are now, to how you were then.

I’ll go first:

Me Then-

  • Somewhat unmotivated
  • Lacking mechanical skills whatsoever
  • Almost resistent to leading/participating in a cheer
  • Unapprochable
  • A loner, basically

Me Now-

  • Have team SPIRIT
  • Still somewhat mechanically incompetant, but I’m much better
  • I actually lead cheers now and again
  • Hang out with my team mates

I’ve changed a lot in the past looks at watch year and a half. How have you changed since your starting year?

While I haven’t changed much personally I have made it my goal to open up more of my team. We were kind of a quite bunch in the beginning but as the saeason has gone on we have all become good friends.

Me Then - Much Younger

Me Now - Much Older