The Tournament

Ok, if anyone read section 7 of the manual (the Tournament) then you might be as confused as I am. It appears that there is a tier system for qualification rounds, which is decided by whether you win or lose (ranking points). Within these tiers, you are seeded by qualification points (everyone knows these…the loser’s score).

So this means, if I’m interpreting it correctly, that means that winning is more important this year than letting your opponent get points. Of course, that’s still important, just not as important.

Any opinions or comments? I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there is almost nothing you can do defensively in this year’s game. Any other ideas?

The scoring system appears to be like hockey.
2 points for a win.
1 point for a tie.
0 points for a loss.

These are qualifying points. They will determine your tier. (Who did FIRST hire that likes tiers?)
The ranking score is the average of the losers score in all the matches you have played. Consider this the first tiebreaker of the tier.
The highest match score is the second tiebreaker, and a coin toss is the final tiebreaker.

So win-loss-tie record determines ranking, then the tiebreakers sort them more. Average of the losers score is the first, followed by the highest match score.

As for defense, there is plenty of defense you can do. :D:D:D


See here:
And here:

Yes, winning is important, but so is the losers score, it is sure that many teams will have the same number of wins, with only 8 or so rounds and 50 teams. Without a good losers average score, a team will be ranked much lower. Of course if you win every match, you are almost guaranteed a spot in the finals.