The Trailer measurements

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Can somone please clarify the trailler hexgonal base mesurments by a picture or something ? what is the lenght of the Edges? what does 28’’ inscribed diameter means?


The following links contain dimensions, drawings, and info about each part needed in order to build a trailer and the playing field. :slight_smile:

Thanks , but I didn’t understend from this drwings the edge lenght of the hexgonal base . If you can right it down or draw it for those who don’t understand , and In addition clarify what does " 28’’ inscribed diameter " from the manual means the the drawings I will very appreciate it .

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I don’t know why they chose to use ordinate dimensioning for the drawings, it’s needlessly confusing. (OD is great for CNC programming, but a pain when you are laying out the pattern on a sheet of plywood with a ruler) All the dimensions are on the drawing, but if you are not familiar with ordinate dimensioning it can be confusing

The side lengths are 16 1/2" (note the 8 1/4" Y dimension on the corner) and the perpendicular distance between sides are 28 1/2" (note the 14 1/4" X dimension on the vertical sides)

Thank you , but Just to simplify , the edge of the hexagonal (the edge A in the picture) is 16 1/2" ? And what is the " 28’’ inscribed diameter " ?

Sorry for the lack of understanding the technical english terms , and thank you for your answers!



It is 28 inches from one side to the opposite side. Each corner is 120 degrees.

The inscribed diameter means, if you drew a circle on the inside of the hexagon that touched all sides, the diameter of that circle would be 28 inches. As in the blue circle in the hexagon.

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I GUSS I SUCK AT GEOMATRY, PLEASE, HOW MUCH IS A???:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

A = ?

Hope this clears things up even further.

Outdone i guess

A = 16 3/16"

The 28" so-and-so means the parallel sides are 28" apart

According to the drawing, half the distance (from the center to the corner) is 8 1/4" so that would make the side length 8 1/2", not 8 3/16.

After checking the model of the trailer in Sketchup, I can say the measure tool reads ~1’ 4 11/64". Round that up to 12/64, and you get 3/16.

I am guessing you modeled based on an inscribed circle or circumscribed circle. Your dimension is probably correct based on that. The drawing for the team trailer panels utilizes an ordinate dimensioning scheme, and gives each point an X and Y dimension with the center being 0,0. The dimension given in the team drawing have the sides at 8 1/2". I think the field piece drawings give inscribed circle diameter.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I guess that was the only way to get a CLEAR answer :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how much the trailer weighs so we can see what its coefficient of friction will be for it.

can u mount the trailer hitch on the corner of the robot

The coefficient of friction remains the same for the trailer as it does for the robot, since it is the same materials in contact :slight_smile: As such I believe it was along the lines of 0.1