The Transparent Factory

I found this site while surfing around.
It is a photo tour of the Volkswagen Phaeton assembly plant in Dresden, Germany. This site is a must-view for anyone who reads CD. The interior working of the plant are just jaw-dropping.
I’m going to quit talking about the plant and let the pictures speak for themselves. :wink:

Here’s a scaled down sample photo of the tour:

WOW, talk about architectural elegance and function at its best, I can’t wait to see the AndyMark factory.

asks German teacher if the class can go there when we are in Dresden.

I’ll never understand why there’s a market for a $96,000 Volkswagen.

There isn’t. As of next February, it will no longer be sold in North America. (See here.)

Well, there you have it. I’m surprised that they managed to sell even 90 a month, honestly. The Phaeton has the highest profit margin of any Volkswagen, some $20K, I think – making its price tag all the more absurd.

That factory is so amazingly clean it looks like it just opened yesterday.

ehhh, that’s nothing. The Ford GT carries a nice little price tag of $160,000 - but then every one of them has a dealer premium of around $116,000 added on top of that, which is just pure profit for the dealerships. Go and try to explain to a skeptic why there really is a market for a $275,000 Ford! And yet they are selling every one of them that Ford can make. Unfortunately, the Ford GT plant tour doesn’t look quite as nice as VW’s Dresden factory. That is a pretty amazing facility, and definitely one of the nicest “my factory is so clean it looks like a museum” environments I have ever seen. I would hate to even try to guess the price to construct that assembly plant. But it does explain where that $20K profit from each Phaeton goes.


I would love a GT, but that factory looks amazing. If I ever visit Germany, I will definately go on a tour.

Very interesting.

Thousands of years ago humans lived in caves

and now for the most part for houses we make artificial caves out of wood and bricks

this is something new!

the reason there is a mrket for a $275000 ford is because it goes over 200mph stock how many cars can do that???

notice the moving floor panels

Not enough!

yes but for way less than that you can buy a small aircraft that will go more than 200mph

and it willl go much higher too.