The Trebuchet Challenge

I found this in my email this morning…

This is great! Very geeky!

Bill Hancoc also posted this a while ago…

I built a Trebuchet this year at IVY Tech. It was my final class for my degree. The class was Kinematics of Machines.
We could launch a croquet ball over 120 feet :ahh:
Anyone want to buy it? It’s taking up room in my garage.
I can send pictures.

:frowning: there’s no floating arm trebuchet option!

Team 176 took on the challenge of building trebuchets last year as a team building experience. It was a bit time consuming, but it turned out great and was definently a success! If you’re up for a challenge and some fun definently try it! :rolleyes:

Ah yes, I remember this! I help coach a Science Olympiad team and this program was quite helpful with the design process of the treb. :smiley:

Built over the summer by a group of bored people, it got a baseball 250 feet or so. Just remember to measure the clearances on both sides of the road when you’re transporting it :-).