The Tri-fold

Hello, FIRST community. I have recently been helping a rather new FLL team, and we have run into a problem. We do not know what goes on the tri-fold. From what I remember there are pictures of the team, their solution and the team name. If you could help us out that would be great.

Thank you.

I made the brochures for my team when I was competing in FLL. The idea behind a brochure is to give people detailed information about the team and what they have done this season. Our brochures contained 4 basic sets of information.

  1. The team. Introduce your team to the reader! Give a team picture, names of members, team website and any social media pages. (if you have them.) Team logo(s) fun facts, etc. can go here too.

  2. Project. Explain and describe in detail the problem you have chosen, your solution and reasons why your solution is better than other existing solutions. Be sure to give plenty of visuals too! Space them out some to try and break up the words, a lot of text can look overwhelming and people may not want to take the time to read it.

  3. Robot. Introduce your robot as well! Picture(s) of the robot, robot’s name (if you have one) and some basic information about it. Include how many points you can/have scored on the robot table.

  4. Thank yous. Thank your sponsors and experts!! I’ve always dedicated a full panel to thank our sponsors and the experts that gave us advice for our project.

This is what I have done in the past, and it seemed to work well. If you would like, I can email you an example of my team’s from 2010. (I would attach to this post, but they exceed the file size limit). Send me a Personal Message if you would like me to do that. PLEASE ask if you have any more questions or if you would like more information.