The Triple Helix Mobile, making it loud

What better way to “make it loud” than with a car themed for your robotics team? With a thumping custom audio system, of course…

Blast those FRC parodies…

Very entertaining!

How trashy would it look to wrap an AMG in zebra stripes? :cool:

Wrap the Porsche instead. More trashy.

Great song choice!

Bumper magnet:

“I don’t have road rage, but my Robot does.”

Very impressive car.

Maybe you should join these guys and go for the real triple helix!


Was the 2363 licence plate taken?

This is incredible! What a creative way to spread awareness of FIRST.

Todd’s car is better looking than mine. :frowning:

Is this a personal vehicle or a team vehicle?

Obviously both. Haven’t you heard of the Matt Lythgoe Foundation? They get other people to donate to it and then pay for things like Rumble in the Roads and vinyl wraps.

It’s really a money laundering front, the real business is just gifs all the way down

I might just have to steal this idea…

I know FRC 2363 was taken because that format is actually the normal Virginia plate format (3 letters followed by 4 numbers). I am not sure about just 2363 though.

Your’s isn’t even blue!

Cool car, Todd. Are you sure you won’t lose it in the supermarket or Home Depot parking lot?

It would be really cool if they made this part of the field as the way for getting robots from one side to the other

I know!! I could do a full wrap…

hmm, graphic design team side project?!?!?