The Triple Tortuga is Contest born.

Follow my logic and read below for more.

Assertion #1:
This year, perhaps more than any other year, there are going to be untested robot on the field. You know this is true. Making all the defenses is beyond all but a tiny fraction of the teams out there. I am not saying this to be mean or to be hatin’ on FIRST. It’s just a reality.

Assertion #2:
Given the above, you can easily predict that for many teams (most?) the first time they try to cross many defenses will be in a match.

Assertion #3:
From which it follows that we’ll see a TON of stuck robots during the early weeks of the competition.

Assertion #4
There will be matches (especially during those early weeks but some times in later ones as well) where all three teams on an alliance are stuck on their opponent defenses.

When this happens, I propose we call this situation "The Triple Tortuga."

Now for the Triple Tortuga Contest.**

First of all, I know it will fall on deaf ears, but here is some free advice: Do your best to avoid being part of the Triple Tortuga Club.

  • Test your robot before you get out on the field in a match.
  • Spend the time to build practice defenses, beg borrow or steal other team’s defenses, go to Week Zero events, etc.
  • Do whatever you have to to design & build a robot that can actually go over defenses without getting stuck
  • and failing that, at least
    know what your robot/drivers are capable of (or incapable of) before you get out there in a real match.

Second, I will send a** $10 gift card to Starbucks** (or equiv.) to the first 5 CD users that post a reply to this post with links to a video showing a Triple Tortuga in official FIRST match.

Third, I will send a $50 gift card to the first person to post a link to a match with a Double Triple Tortuga. I hope it doesn’t happen but if it does, I want to see it.

May your all opponent’s towers be captured and their defenses breached! And, if ever your robot is the last not stuck on a defense, may your drivers think twice before risking another crossing…

Hold Strong,
Dr. Joe J.

If a DOUBLE Triple Tortuga occurs, I think the regional/district should get free corn dogs.

We’ll need someone to come in with cheesecake too, just to make everything better.

Dr. Joe -

Might I suggest you add verbiage that it must be the first five CD users with unique matches, so you don’t end up with five cell phone videos of the same match? :slight_smile:

The situation requires comfort food. I suggest bowls of turtle soup on the house.

Dr. Joe J.

Also, I just noticed my dyslexia is showing in the title of this thread. I am just not wired right. Ah well…

Dr. Joe J.

I dunno, makes it sound more archaic. Fits the theme.

As usual, Amanda speaks wisely. Consider the contest so amended.

More explicitly:
One Triple Tortuga match yields (at most) one gift card. if a Double Triple Tortuga is in the first 5, you also only receive one gift card* (albeit for $50 rather than $10). Before you ask, yes, I will still give out 5 $10 cards.

Keep sharing the links. When I’m out of cards, you’ll have to be content with the CD fame for your Triple Tortuga finds.

Dr. Joe J.

*let’s share the wealth. what else would you expect from a FIRST related activity? :wink:

I like the idea that one guy turtles and another guy goes to help and ALSO turtles, and then the final alliance members turtles all on the same object.

YEP I know I was wired different than most!!!::ouch:: could be the dyslexia thing ???:ahh: oh yeah!!! no soup for me this time but
thankx Dr. Joe… Keep up the great FIRST thing miss the fun…
Lets play some great old New England DEFENCE

Perhaps a box of chocolate turtles sent to the teams that do triple tortuga as a consolation prize.

Week 1 Event - 6 vs 0

Both Alliances go out for $50 worth of coffee after the match.


I love this idea.

But I’m afraid for my d(bank balance)/dt that first week of the season. Could get expensive.

Dr. Joe J

I like the way you think.

I just thought you were related to Yoda

I think the Triple Tortuga is likely even with teams practicing on the home made (wood vs metal) field elements.

I think equally important as the different materials are the different dimensions. Take a look at the team rough terrain drawings and the official ones to see what I mean. It’s possible to build the official ones, but ripping 4x4 lumber does not particularly appeal to me.

EDIT: The 1.5" spacing on the official rough terrain will be interesting for teams not using treads or pneumatic wheels (do these teams exist?)

He’s not [quite] that old!

If it’s any consolation Joe, I didn’t see anything wrong with the title until you pointed it out. We just see what we expect to see.

Am I not turtle-y enough for the turtle club?

How would they all fit? :yikes: I want to see a (double) stacked, one-defense, triple tortuga. That’d be interesting.