The TurboTrojans are online! Check out our site.

Clawson High School Robotics Team
Team 3302, The TurboTrojans from Clawson, MI, officially have a website and are looking for your insight, tips, reviews, etc. on what we could add, change, or even delete. The website is currently in a temporary location, so please use the link ^above^. Let us know how you feel by commenting on this thread below, writing on our Facebook wall, or even sending us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Special Features- Click on the “star” on the Michigan map, Click on the “FB” button to see our facebook, View the page “2012 Game” under FIRST>2012 Game, View the page “Team Photos” under In the News>Team Photos as well as view our newsletter under In the News> Team Recognition.

Steven- Team 3302 The “TurboTrojans”

Good start. :slight_smile:

Very nice touch adding the hyperlink from TBA to your TBA. Also, I like the little quip about there being speculation about the 2012 game, complete with the link to the CD thread about said speculations. Quite a good start, and it’s the little details that FIRSTaholics like me enjoy :slight_smile:

It looks good. The only suggestion I have is to resize the pictures (or rather, the “big” picture that is modified with HTML to be smaller). Many HTML editors have an “optimize” feature to help with this, but just opening them up in GIMP or Photoshop and shrinking them works too. Many of them appear to be the original size (3264 by 2448), and that’s not really necessary when they show up as 200 or 300 pixels wide on the website. The website will finish loading a lot quicker for many people.

Try to use text instead of images. There are two main reasons for doing it:

  • Search engines will be able to use the text when indexing your site
    *]Blind visitors using screen readers will be able to use your site

You may want to downsize a lot of those pictures. It took a long time to load.

Rule of thumb - keep it under 100kb. What’s yours at?

@mdiradoorian and @CalTran: Thanks!

@1986titans and @Tom Line: The photos are actual photo size, 3000 or whatever it is. Optimization is definitely a great idea because of the time it takes to load. Thanks alot for your insight!

I’d like to place a Nivo Slider ( in the place on the homepage where the team photo is, however, I don’t think I can place an AP Div on top of an image in the div (where the Team Vision and Team Photo currently exist), do I make the image the background of my div then place the AP Div with my Nivo slider on top? Anyone have any ideas?
Also Calendars seem very popular. Would anyone say that calendars are super important on the website? What other pages would you suggest to add?
-Steven Team 3302 The TurboTrojans