The turret is alive

Its always cool to see the design become real.

Any recommendations on specific type of grease for lazy susan’s

How do you have the power wires going to the motors on the turret? Are they on some high-amperage slip-ring or is the turret not infinitely rotatable (or something else)?

A lazy susan, shouldn’t require grease when it is sufficiently loaded, it should turn nicely by itself.

Also be careful, that you don’t get anything inside the bearing ring, as this can jam them up. swarf etc.

Looks nice, I am interested in how you are powering the motors on top of the turret, or are you just letting the wires get all twisted

We are only planning on 220 degrees of rotation really ever being needed, so we are going to have a cable harness that will go through the center with plenty of slack. Should be fine as long as we don’t have a runaway turret.

Thanks for the tip about the grease.

I saw the word turret, clicked, and was NOT disappointed. Awesomenesssss!:smiley:

Looking good JJ! Very slick. Can’t wait to see the final product.

Did anyone else’s mind immediately jump to League of Legends upon seeing the word “turret”? Or am I just unhealthy?

Turrets are cool. But up that high what is going to go on it? Are we to see a big Rebound Rumble style articulating ball collector/shooter turret? More videos!

More videos…

Slip rings can work nice, but most times aren’t needed. We had one for 2012 and, yea having full 360 motion is cool and all but it wasn’t worth all the hassle to set it up. Especially when we were 10 pounds over and the lazy susan had to go.

Awesome design!

NO GREASE! The lazy susan style swivels are designed to run dry. Plus, they emit a beautiful sound!

So far we are at 98lbs all up. we left 20lbs and a 2" x 6" x 24" volume available for a climber. Not sure if it can be done.

What gear ratio (+sprocket reduction) are you guys running on those CIMs?

Those are two mini cims with 100:1 versa planetary and a 2:1 chain reduction tot he pivot axle. Plenty of power, to do what we needed to do, the structure however, needs to be beefed up to handle the load.

Which motor and gearbox you guys using to actually turn the turret around?

Also, how is the motor interfaced with the turret itself? It looks like the turret has a belt attached for rotation in the video, but I can’t really tell.


The turret is powered by a bag motor with a 100:1 versa planetary and then a 12:1 pulley. There are some better images of the turret motor here

More turret goodness.