The Two Towers: review

just got home from the 12am showing of Two Towers. i’m gonna give 2 different reviews here… cause it’s my post and i can =-p

first, if you’ve never read the books:

great movie for you to see. you probably enjoyed the first movie and had the advantage of not reading the books. i say advantage cause you did not have to cry during the movie as you saw that your favorite parts were altered or removed. the same will happen in this movie. it has enough action, suspense, and romance to satisfy any moviegoer. see it. it’s 8 bucks well spent.

next, if you’ve read the books:

you may have enjoyed the first movie dispite the deviations. chances are the changes were small enough for you to either not notice or not care. sorry to say, not this time! the errors, deletions and changes are so grievous it was hard for me to sit through it. i won’t go into details, but i can’t see how anyone could possibly live with the changes Peter Jackson has made to this story.

i doubt i’ll go to see Return of the King when it comes out next year.

so a quick recap… if you haven’t read the books, or just couldn’t care less about staying faithful to the original work, you’ll have a great time at the movie. if you liked the books, stay home and read them again instead of waisting 3 hours of your life.

anyone who’s seen the movie, please reply and tell me if i’m overreacting…

here’s my review, coming from someone who has never read the books:

Great movie. If you don’t go see the movie than you will miss being a part of cinema history. Everything about the movie is great. Story, effects, shot angles, lighting, everything. go see it

Well then, I must add my review as well.

Whether you have read the books or not, you will truly enjoy this movie. The humor level is bumped up several notches from the first instalment of the series. Gollum talking to himself is great, and every scene that Gimli makes an appearance in is hilarious. The Gollum character shows the excellence of todays computer graphics along with the Ents of Fangorn Forest. The battle’s are very intense and have twists and surprises. The camera work is breath-taking, to say the least. Several parts of the book are taken out. However, this is obviously necessary, no one wants to sit through a 6 hour movie.

I’ve read all the books multiple times and I still consider it to be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Yes, they removed some stuff. Yes, some stuff was changed. That’s just what happens when you turn a truly great book into a movie–just look at Jurassic Park. Despite the changes, however, the essence was still there, as was the general mood, and that’s what really matters.

You put a book on a screen direct, no changes or removals, then you would bore the audence for hours (4-5). Remove and replace things, you will keep the important things along with the best things.

I saw it and I would see it again. Just seeing the river unblocked brought tears to my techie eyes, oh, the CGI… :slight_smile:

I have seen it like 5 times already and THE TWO TOWERS ROCKS!!! It is so exciting. I also went to the 12A.M. showing on the night it opened and it was the best movie ever made I can’t wait for the RETURN OF THE KING! If you haven’t seen it already go NOW!!! It sure doesn’t seem like 3 hours.

Well the only book I read relating to the series is the Hobbit and I absolutely loved both movies, but my friends who have read all the books really enjoyed the movies too. I think the cool effects (minus the obvious green-screen tree scenes) and, for the women, the fact that Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood star in them overpower any alter to the story. It’s ok if it upset you, George but I still think you should see the last movie just for closure!

I came away with mixed feelings. the movie itself was good, and actually fairly true to the book in essence. some things i REALLY don’t like: Arwen - She’s supposed to stinking sit there and look pretty then get married and that’s IT!!! Also, Faramir was destroyed. they killed him. i was looking forward to seeing that immensely, and they killed it for me. sob For the most part, i liked Théoden, though they made him a bit too haughty. Gimli isn’t really supposed to be the comic relief, but it wasn’t a major destruction of his character.
in all, a good movie. there were some parts where i wanted to beat up PJ, but he’s doing a pretty good job at keeping as true to Tolkien as can be done onscreen. He actually didn’t approve of making fiction into theatre, but i don’t think they’ve distorted it too badly.
Stacia <-major Tolkien obsessee

Okay, the movies arent’ supposed to be the book. They can just be a interpretation/representation of the books. There was no way it was going to be accurate.
Ents - shoulda been taller. Good end scene
The start was right, the end was right, and I kinda liked how they changed how the ents decide to attack evil Saruman. It enhances the “we’ll sit around and do nothing, or at least keep neutral” stance they have.

Just, the movies rock. Total amazement.

I thought the movie was reallyreally good!!! And seriously, I didn’t mind it being 3 hours long:D

the more times i see the movie, the better it is…

plus, someone put it in perspective for me. they said that when all is said and done, we’ll have the best book trilogy ever and the best movie trilogy ever. the books aren’t the movies and the movies aren’t the books… get over it!

so i’m getting over it. sigh i wanted more of a strict adaptation, but i guess this will do. ;-]