The Ultimate Battle, Star Wars or Star Trek!

Now I know this is going to be very controversial, and maybe there have been such polls before, but hey, I gotta do it. With JediKnight II just coming out and a few other SW games and Episdoe II right around the corner, I really wonder.
Star Trek or Star Wars.
The Borg or the Empire
The Federation or the Rebellion (New Republic, etc)
Tuvok Or Jar Jar?
Warp Speed or Hyper Space?
Light Years or Parsecs?
Vulcans or Ewoks?
You get the picture!
Now Vote!

i like them both, but if i had to choose it would definitly be star wars. i mean besides the origional series, the next generation, and the movies, star trek isn’t that good. the spinoff series for star trek really botched the good things that it had going. there were a few mistakes with episode I, but i forgive george lucas. star wars is much more interesting and more exciting. where else do you find futuristic sword fighting. for that i commend lucas.

star wars all the way! :cool:

I can’t really say, I like both for different reasons.

Star Trek’s more intellectual, but Star Wars has waaay better action. I personally think Star Trek: First Contact beats all the Star Wars & Star Trek movies, although Episode 2 might change that :slight_smile:

My main complaint about Startrek is that the good guys always win somehow. In almost all of the movies, the Enterprise get all shot up, and then through some new strategy or technology that just happened to show up, they defeat a more powerful enemy. At least in Starwars the Empire shows it can still flex its muscle. Look at Empire Strikes Back, that entire movie was showing that the Empire wasn’t weak and they had the power to crush the rebellion.

I’d put both back in their graves in favor of:

A. Harlan Ellison
B. William Gibson

The two brightest, most talented and genious of authors that have graced us with their writings. Read Neuromancer by Gibson, and the short story entitled Kiss of Fire (in the book entitled Approching Oblivion: road signs on the treadmill towards tommorw) by Ellison to understand.

Sci-Fi, and literature itself, will never be the same.

–Ben Mitchell

Go Star Trek!!!

…and while I’m here I have a Remix of a star trek song on my computer…No idea who made it…But get this…It sounds like the guy is saying “Techno-Cats” through-out the song (as well as other stuff as well)…

Are there any techno-cats out there with musical talent?

If anyone wants the song (its actually pretty good) send me an ICQ or AOL or E-Mail…Happy to send it to you.

I’d have to say Star Wars. Of the two, I think there are more quality Star Wars books and such than in Star Trek. I also think the Star Wars computer and console games (namely Rogue Leader, X-Wing Alliance, and Jedi Knight II) are far better than any Star Trek games out there. There’s just more cool Star Wars stuff.

Lol I hadn’t even thought about the games… Star Trek games SUCK!!! Except the old-style rpg/adventure ones :smiley:

Hey even though I’m a Star Wars fan I have to stick up for the game ELITE FORCE, it was awesome, and I mean Fantastic!. Made by Raven, who then went on to make Jedi Knight II, kicks even more Dark Jedi booty!

I use to run a Star Trek gaming clan - UFP.

I had to ‘retire’ from that because FIRST and work chewed up all my time…Gotta say this is better tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Some ST games are alright - Elite Force, Starfleet Academy, and Armada…

I’ve never really gotten into any Star Wars games…I played Jedi Night once long long ago - didn’t really like it.

The games I play now are Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Medal of Honour: AA…Both really good.

If you liked RTCW you should really play JKII, I can’t give you a copy or anything cause thats really illegal, but those guys for some reason didn’t even include a cd-key! It has no copy protection, but I wouldn’t feel right just handing it off. ::couging::
But I highly recommend JKII, even if you didn’t like JK (which won game of the year btw) JKII has AWESOME lightsaber fighting and great use of in-game force powers. There is nothing like dangling a storm trooper over a ledge with Force Grip then just letting him go and hearing his last dyeing scream… MWAHAHHA… hehe.