The Ultimate FRC drive train

In practice holonomic (corner omni) drivetrains are basically a fixed-wheel version of this. Their speed in the ordinal directions is sqrt(2)*wheel speed.

It’s really funny that omni swerve got brought up because I was just joking around about it with my team a few days ago. I’m sure it’s completely useless on an actual FRC robot, but you DO get CVT essentially for free.

so the x drive goes FASTER than a tank? if anything I thought they would be slower.

In order for it to actually achieve this the rollers have to roll rather than slide on the ground. YMMV in practice.

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This deck has some interesting drives in among them the grasshopper or butterfly. I bring them up because of the pneumatic actuation of the wheels.
My idea is a 6 falcon tank tread with 4 pneumatic actuators on the the corners to lift the corners to overcome the scrub on turns making it more agile than other tank tread bots. So turning left you lift the front of the left tread and back of the right tread.
A ton of pushing power and speed as well as better maneuverability than traditional track drives

It already happened: :slight_smile:


Plugging my own ridiculous creation here, lol

In all seriousness though, probably a West Coast drive or a simple swerve drive.


so your saying using a real CVT would be a far better solution?

Swerve and Mecanum. Swervanum

Swank Drive. Swerve tank

What about a swalk drive


Needs dual omnis.

That said I’m not sure whether to be impressed or flabbergasted.


this is more cursed than the swervinator.


manufacturability aside, a ideal swerve module could harness the full power of both falcons, so differential swerve with IVTs (infinitely variable transmissions like this), the best wheels are e must, I’m thinking a 5 x 1.5 in pneumatic wheel with blue nitrile tread (they don’t exist but one can dream). an absolute encoder is a must for ease of use, so it all the swerve modules being the same so they can be easily swapped, light weight is also preferable.


I’d like to nominate this for “best post of 2022.”

I’m unnerved.


I’m very impressed and mildly horrified


whoa, I wonder what it looks like from other angles? they don’t need to be 4k though.


VR experience.

Here is the monstrosity


Fascinating part and assembly names.

I expect to see this on 4587’s robot this year or next.

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But …

Bumper rules