the ultimate gift?

What would your ultimate gift (birthday,anniversary,wedding,or holiday) be?

Mine would be a Ford GT or more realistically a laptop with 4GHz 3gigs of ram and what ever else you can put in it that is awesome for a computer

A Mini Cooper or the “dual everything” PC as shown in September’s Maximum PC. Also to add to that, a 42" LCD TV and a top-notch sound system to hook up to the PC.

I can dream, right? :rolleyes:

Honestly, I can’t think of much in the stuff department. I mean, I have just about everything I need (a roof over my head, clothes, reliable transportation, et cetera) for the time being. And with limited living space, I don’t have room for much else. Sure, I wouldn’t mind a Power Mac G5 Quad warming up my room, but that only goes so far.

To be honest, the one thing that would make me the happiest is to see 1293 reach the upper levels of FIRST. I’ve been with the team since the beginning, and to see us go from where we started to being on par with the SPAMs and Metal-In-Motions and Team Hammonds of the field would genuinely rock my socks off more than any car or computer would.

The ultimate gift would come from someone who understands you completely - not about how much it costs or any of that stuff

its that someone else knows you, and cares about what you want

for me, it would be this:

BTW, I know what the worst gift is: lottery tickets!

think about it, there are two possibilities:

  1. the ticket is a loser, so in effect you gave the person something worthless

or (worse yet)

  1. the ticket wins, and you just gave someone 20 or 40 or 90 million dollars for their birthday or christmas - now what? do you expect them to share it with you? if you had won 90 million dollars on your own, would you have given half of it to that person for their birthday?

I think my umtimate gift would be my own machine shop and heated garage. Because who hasnt had the urge to make things on a lathe at 2:0o am??

Right now on my wish list is a 4" lift kit with nitro shocks and a set of 33" all terrains for my jeep, Oh and a case or two of Mountain Dew.

I’m really digging a personal CNC machine. :slight_smile: I have 100 things I want to make.

I have a whole list of vehicles I’d like to own one day including a Ford GPW and an Jeep DJ5 and an old style mini and a Ford Ranger with a 302 or 351w and the list goes on.

We’re all talking about the kinds of things you can buy with money, but I think the ultimate “gift” would be someone who you can enjoy the rest of your life with. :slight_smile: I’m a little too young for that, but I’m sure there’s a few folks on here who aren’t.

The ultimate gift for me would have to be a Scion TC…

With a giant decal of a Star Wars fight…

Ha, I can make peoples wishes come true! (If you really want one, build one, my dad did it on a very low budget.)

Anyways, my ultimate gift would be a Pepper White Mini Cooper, with the black stripes on the hood and the black roof. It would be manual, and have heated seats (hey, it gets cold up here!) I spend a lot of time drooling over one. Only two more years… :eek: (well until I can drive anyways)


To find someone that I can feel good to talk to face to face…


def an '05 black GT Mustang…so pretty

3 wishes :smiley:

i wouldve said a Mini Cooper, but thats not an issue anymore. now all i want is a bid to nationals. (and hopefully pass my junior year)

to have thought of this first. (its a guy the other side of campus)
ok just joking there, but the time and money to get a team here and to comps would be nice :slight_smile:

  1. :smiley:

A full ride to Clarkson, well that or a Subaru Impreza WRX STi fully loaded :smiley:

I’ll take the Scholarship and the Car with a full machine shop to tune it and to make even better robots in (is that possible :wink: ). Oh and it’d have the ultimate gaming machine in it the shop (because you know cars today have lots of electronics)

i guess right now for me i don’t want anything like the rest of you… it would be nice to of course get money and cool gadgets…

but i think a really cool gift would be a day outside of competitions to met up w/ ALL of my robotics buddies… everyone leaves all over the place so yeah just would be truly amazing to see everyone at once…cause i know if we did it would be totally rockin fun :smiley: