The Ultimate in Build Season Dedication

Yesterday, ship day, one of our most faithful team members, a junior co-captain and drive team member, wasn’t feeling well. He’s quiet normally, but was even more quiet than usual. My husband drove him home after the robot shipped, and his mom was very grateful. We just found out from his mom that he was admitted to the hospital last night – his appendix burst! He had surgergy early this morning and is reportedly doing fine. Please, FIRST community, keep this fine young man in your thoughts and prayers.

Glad to hear he is okay.

On behalf of MOE 365, we are thinking and praying he recovery goes quickly and uneventfully.

Take care and thanks for what you all have done.

Rock on Junior Co-Captain!
Get better -


I am glad to hear he is ok. 816 will keep him in mind. For a speedy recovery and good health in the future.

Team 2068 would like to wish your ailing team member a speedy and full recovery

He is definitely in my thoughts. The big question in everyones mind is, will he be able to attend the competition(s) with your team?

Sorry to hear about your friend, at least they got it in time to rectify the problem. That is some serious dedication. 2186 will be praying for him.

Chris McKenzie

Team 818 will keep him and his family in our prayers. Lets hope for a safe and fast recovery.

Tomasz Bania

Though I haven’t reached this kind of level of sickness (I just got an upset-stomache after the ship day), this is a great dedication he did to the team, but it is too much.

FIRST shouldn’t cost our healthes (and I’m the guy who got sick from “over”-dedication:rolleyes: …).

There should be a greater effort to keep the students safe and healthy and to realise the limits of each team member, even in the worst times.

But nontheless,

ROCK-ON DUDE! Get ready to the regional and show 'em what you got!

MARS Team 1523 sends our best wishes for your Jr. Co-Capt./ drive team member’s speedy recovery. Talk about dedication - good thing build only lasts 6 weeks! :slight_smile:

Now for a public service announcement: Since robots are safely shipped, its time to schedule those postponed appointments, catch-up on homework, get a haircut, feed the dog & pamper yourself…before the (regional) games begin!

Team 1923, The MidKnight Inventors sends their best wishes for your Junior Co-Captain’s speedy recovery.

Now that’s dedication. I know the day after ship is a ‘sick day’ for many a FIRST student, but this is the first time i’ve ever heard of something on this scale.

Good luck, 558, in your competitions. It’s clear you have some truly dedicated students. Rock on.


Thanks, all, for your thoughts and well-wishes. My husband and daughter visited our ailing team member in the hospital yesterday and he is on the road to recovery (although he was still too week to walk around, even with the assistance of a walker). They brought him some excellent reading material – Popular Mechanics and Robot magazines – and told him that at least he broke a “nonessential part” LOL!! He should be fully recovered before our competiton, the CT Regional, which is not until mid-March.

Thanks again, and see you in CT!