The Undefeateds

It looks like these 3 teams have joined The Bomb Squad with zero losses:


Kansas City:



Didn’t get a chance to see Florida or Kansas City, but I saw some of Wisconsin and 111 was VERY impressive. Congratulations to the teams for their fantastic wins!

I saw all of but 179 at Florida, but they are incredible machines.

Should the one-loss teams be mentioned here as well?

2826 was 111’s alliance partner in the win at Wisconsin, and I will attest that Wildstang was an amazing team. Smart coaching, consistent high scorer (our lowest score in elms was 110 and high was 132), consistent auto, fast consistent minibot, great drivers. I can’t wait to play with them at Midwest and hope to not play against them.

Thanks again to 111 for believing in 2826 and picking us right off the bat to make a great alliance.

Team Driven only lost once to our amazing team mates at 525. We’re ready to go to North Star and go undefeated! We have a lot of work planned out to improve our already regional winning robot!