The Unseen Animation

If any one was wondering what was behind door 230 on the animation playlist here is a link to our website - just hit the multimedia link. You can see it on a 56k or above but you know Broadband Rocks the Internet so that’s the prefered mode of viewing. Who ever programed the DVD that palyed at the Nationals programmed our link (230) to play 233’s animation (so they played twice for those of us who were counting)- Being a martial artist I thought theirs was pretty cool. However our guy never got to see theirs on the big screen. So let us know what you think and I’ll pass the message’s on. Robbie suggested I share it on this site, after all your the ones who’d be looking any way. Thanks alot!


This website is currently not availible. If you believe this to be in error, please contact the administrator responsible.

Well, I was one of the guys that counted the playing of the 233 animation and was disappointed not to see yours there. I guess the web doesn’t want us to see your animation either because the above message is what I recieved when I was accessing it. I hope to see your animation soon.

Well the link is correct.

The server is down. Just at the right time too! Check back later today (4-30) or (5-1 based on the server clock) boy where does the time go? Thanks for the attempt, look forward to feed back. PS Congrats Sunny on your award and the cudos that go with it!

I heard of this message board in passing but never came here, hope I can add something helpfull in the future.

BTW: The tea pot has a special meaning to early animators. One of the first things I modeled and animated -just by chance- (using Lightwave 2.0- which is more of my expertise as far as 3D goes) was a Tea Pot and boiling water, steam, the stove and flames that go with it. I found out a month later, when I was showing my reel to a potential employer, that the tea pot has special meaning- that is- it was one of the first objects that was shown off or modeled (or something like that) when 3D software first came out. So it was all over the place as a symbol of a 3D program. Then at some point 3D Studio incorporated it as a “primative” or at least a pre-defined shape. So someone wiser that I may be able to fill in more detail on the Background of this- I’m passing on what I was told in passing 8 or 9 years ago. FYI.

Thanks stevek, I really appreciate it. Yeah, the teapot came to be the symbol of 3D design back when 3D Studio Max was just 3D Studio and it was packaged with AutoCAD in release 9 I think. I am glad that Robby chose my idea of using the teapot. Hopefully I will be the one that makes next year’s Chrome Teapot Award. I look forward to your animation as well, hopefully it will be up soon.

Server is up - After 18 Hours it all appears to be fixed.

Wow, very nicely done. I am sad that no one was able to see it’s splendor at nationals. Thanks for showing it to us.

wow, this is a very impressive animation, i believe that it woudl have atleast have been an honorable mention had it been submitted. It clearly expresses your message. Good Job,

Tyler, Thanks for the comments- It was submited and was supposed to be in the group of the top-50 that was palyed at the Nationals - The programmer of the DVD messed up and the button was miss linked. I will Assume the judges didnt work from this DVD. I’m sure all the entries were considered properly. The misshap was only on the presentation DVD. Since the students didnt get to have their work viewed at the Championships - I was just hoping to get comments from all of you so I can pass them on.

Anything solid I can pass on to the students who did this anim? (no fluff needed- constructive critiques are helpful to us)

Thanks again