The USB tether does not work

After almost missing a match because we were waiting for our radio to boot so we could reset some things on the robot we decided that it would be a good idea to investigate the use of the USB tether option with the roborio as the rio boots up significantly faster than the radio. Everything I have found indicates that the rio should just connect as it does over wifi or ethernet, however this is not the case. I cannot ping the roborio over usb nor get any sign that it connected except the tone that sounds when you connect any usb device to the computer. All that said we can connect reliably over ethernet and wifi, for whatever that is worth. Any assistace would be appreciated. The roborio has been imaged recently. We are using a Dell Latitude laptop running Windows 7 32 bit and we do have the most recent update to labview

Is the wifi turned off or disabled on the computer?
Can you start the roboRIO imaging tool and see the roboRIO using the USB connection?

Yes, I have turned off the wifi and there is no other internet connection, I did try to see the rio with the imaging tool over the usb cable and was unsuccessful

Are you able to ping I believe that is the IP address the roborio assumes over USB.

Try a different usb port. Does your computer recognize the Rio as a device? Try installing/reinstalling the latest software package.

I am not able to ping
It does recognize it as a device and I just looked and found that it is not functioning because the computer cannot find drivers for the device.

does anyone know where I can find those drivers

We USB tether exclusively. I thought the roboRio drivers were install during the Labview update. I suggest you review all driver station settings listed in this guide.

it says that it is supposed to have the drivers, but it didn’t seem to work when we installed that update

We had this problem earlier this season and found we had to reinstall the update suite to get the drivers working.

Did you try a different USB cable? Does the roboRio have good power?

The drivers are installed with the update suite. I think this is where they are:
C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\CompactRIO\Staging\USBLAN

I can’t tell for sure, because I don’t have a roboRio to plug in here at home. You could try browsing to it and installing the driver manually.

Why not just plug an ethernet from the RoboRIO to the Laptop? Skip the router and Skip the USB.

Is there a difference between using usb or Ethernet?

If you use USB you have to have the USB driver for the roborio installed and MDNS installed.

If you use Ethernet you only need MDNS if you don’t use static addressing on the RIO.

What I recommend is set the IP address on the RoboRIO to static 10.TE.AM.2 and then you set the IP on your computer to 10.TE.AM.5 and then plug the computer direct to the RIO and it will start communication almost instantaneously.

Silly question, but are you using a USB type B in the roboRio? That was something that tripped up our team during our rookie year. We spend forever looking for a double sided type A USB cord!