the use of the VEX kit of parts

can we use any parts from the VEX KOP on the robot?specifically the controller.

The only power regulating devices for actuators permitted on 2012 FRC Robots include:
Jaguar motor controller (PNs MDL-BDC and MDL-BDC24),
Victor motor controller (PN FR-VIC884)
VEX motor controller (PN 276-2193)
Spike Relay module (PN SPIKE-RELAY-H)

It appears that you can…

The controller would be counted as a custom circuit, and must follow all the custom circuit rules.

VEX motors would be illegal except for up to two of part #276-2177 (per [R48-H]). (Or VEX servos if they fall under [R48-L].)

All other VEX parts would be legal if they met the rules.

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                                                  Q. **Can we use VEX parts on our robot?

**A. There are no rules expressly prohibiting any particular brand. Please note that there are many rules regarding what specific items may or may not be used on the Robot throughout The Robot section of the Game Manual.