the vi is not executable- drivers station

my 2015 drivers station will open but then a window pops up and tells me the vi is not executable. i cannot control my robot after i close the window. anyone else have this problem after installing updates, or anyone have any idea how to fix it.

I’m not sure what updates you are referring to. There was an unfortunate Vision update last year after we released that changed an API call and broke vision on the robot. Uninstalling it resolved the issue.

My suggestion is to look at the Add/Remove control panel and perhaps uninstall the Driver Station and install it again from the download. I’d love to hear what you thinkhappened to it, as I haven’t heard of this before.

Greg McKaskle

the laptop was updated to windows ten dont know if that would have caused this problem

Can you install/repair the DS and see if that is effective?

Greg McKaskle

throughout the last week i have uninstalled labview completey, along with the ds im going to try running it on an old win 7 laptop and see if that resolves my problem