The Waiting List to Georgia

Does anybody know how they conduct the lottery for the teams to go to the championship? And how many teams are eligible?

and the tier list …

and according to the event list, theres still 15 spots open …

But … according to the calender, its too late to register.

A little “birdy” told me that the event list is full after this weekend. They will start pulling from the waiting list (about 20 on there now) starting on Wednesday of this week. They don’t have many free spots, so it’s going to be a full event this year.

i think FIRST made room for about 417 teams

240 open registration
14 previous nats chairmans award winners
163 regional qualifiers
(5 from the 32 North American Regionals and 3 from Isreal)
add that all up, it equals 417.

Yeah but alot of the 240 open registation teams are from the regional qualifiers and Chairman’s award winners.

Actually … its 6 from the regionals.

3 Regional Winners, 1 Regional Chairmans, 1 Regional Engineering Insp, and 1 Rookie Allstar. From another thread on here, it looks like all 3 regional winners from Isreal will have spot reserved for them at Atlanta, assuming they can financially make it. I believe they gave out EI, Chairmans and Rookie Allstar at Isreal, so assuming the information posted on here in another thread is correct regarding Isreal, thats 6 from there also.

Im not sure about the EI, but what i heard from one of the Isreali CD accounts i one of the Isreali threads is that there are three reps
Caption of winning allince
Chairmans Award winner
Rookie All Star.

btw, if there are twenty teams wating in line to get a ticket to GA, then all the luck to them, bc i think they should get in if my math is done correctly. Anyone from FIRST who is willing to clear this issue up, please.

thank you in advance

There will be 4 reps from Israel:
HaMosad (Chairmans, Regional winner)
Misgav (Regional winning alliance)
Tel nof (Rookie all stars)
Raanana (engineering inspiration)

team 1955 was also a part of the winning alliance but I’m pretty sure they wont be flying in the end.

See ya there,
Aviv from 1657