The Western Australian Robotics Playoffs 2022 is THIS WEEKEND!

G’day robotics friends,

This weekend, the 27th-28th of August, we will be running The Western Australian Robotics Playoffs (WARP) offseason event for the second year in a row.

We are so excited to see some more Australian robotics action and would love to invite spectators to watch online!

WARP will be live-streamed on Youtube at the links below from 9pm EST to 6am EST

The Blue Alliance: West Australian Robotics Playoffs (2022) - The Blue Alliance

Day 1:

Day 2:

If you love robots, dancing or maybe some Aussie accent commentary, we’d love to see you all there.


Tangentially related question: how many FRC teams are there in Western Australia?

My knowledge of Australia cities is limited, and I pretty much only know about WA from watching surfing competitions. Most of the Australian teams I’ve heard of are on the east coast. Do they travel to the west to compete?

We don’t have any interstate teams this year. COVID seems to be having some lingering travel effects but hopefully in future we’ll have more interstate teams coming in next year.

You are correct to say that most of the robotics teams in Australia are from the East. The majority of teams are in New South Wales with around 2/3rds of registered Australian robotics teams being in that one state. But we’re hoping that starting an offseason event over West can help create more teams!

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