The who decided to... game

Ok you job is to come up with something that happened on accident but turned out well. Just to be clear you don’t have to answer the persons question either. So who decided to squeeze a cows utter and drank what came out?

Who decided to mix egg whites and vinegar to get mayonnaise?

Who decided to add bacteria to milk and get cheese?

Actually, it’s believed that some ancient farmer stored milk in animal stomachs, and after leaving it there it turned into curds and whey. From there cheese was developed.

Who decided to heat their food?

The same person that had previously thought eating a raw oyster was a good idea.

Who thought that eating a raw oyster could POSSIBLY be a good thing to do?


Some guy who was starving?

Who’s idea was it to sell water?

Nomads living in the dessert…

Who looked at Civet cat feces and decided the coffee berries found there, that had been eaten by and passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet, would make good coffee?

Who decided what mushrooms were good to eat and what killed you?

who made dyslexia so hard to spell

Who decided to come up with this game?

Who decided that QWERTY was the official layout for computers?

Who decided that foot protectors were a good idea?

Who first decided to make a fashion statement by turning safety glasses into forehead protectors?

Actually, the QWERTY layout is from typewriters that were too slow, so they had to come up with a layout that would slow up the typers.

Who decided that eating something with eight rubbery legs and could release a cloud of black stuff was a good idea?

Who in Fox thought it would be a good idea to cancle Firefly?

Who decided to make “monosyllabic” not?

Who decided to question the Mona Lisa smile?

Who thought putting people in a house together was a good show idea?

Who decided that poisonous fish would be a great delicacy?

Who decided to eat what came out of the back end of a chicken :ahh:

Who decided to sell cigarretes at gas stations?
(seriously, flammable gasoline and the things that are notorious for causing fires…)

Who first said, “This is a pretty plant. I think I’ll stick the leaves in my mouth and set them on fire.”

Who decided that you’re not legally an adult until you turn 18?

Who decided that even if you’re not legally an adult, you can sometimes be charged as an adult for a crime?