The Wizard of Oz = FIRST

I’ve recently had a discussion with a friend of mine, kristen on team 639, and she came to the conclusion that the Wizard of Oz Book/Movie are related to FIRST.

Now I know many of you have heard that it s related to events partaking in the 1900s, but this was waaaay more interesting, and entertaining than that.

Here is a short clip from our conversation:

hArdcore meOw: I can relate it to FIRST!
Oreofetch: lol
Oreofetch: I doubt there are robots in the WoO
hArdcore meOw: u see, dorothy is like the sort of selfproclaimed leader
hArdcore meOw: and all of the munchkins are the other members of the team

Now, I can understand this. Teams at the beginning of the year see who will rise up to leadership positions on the team.

Another Part:

hArdcore meOw: and they all chose which road to go down
hArdcore meOw: like, what to make their robot to
hArdcore meOw: *do
hArdcore meOw: to get to a final goal

Another good point.

Moving onward:

hArdcore meOw: and along the way, dorothy pciks up companions
hArdcore meOw: and these are like, the lesser motivated people who are motivated
hArdcore meOw: who all have something to offer
hArdcore meOw: and dorothy is trying to get to the regionals and finish the bot

Now, that is all 'm going to share of our conversation on this topic, and I’m going to fill in some holes.

Now, kristen had some good points here. I can see how all that relates to FIRST, I can also see how the poppies, evil trees, and wicked witches relate to hardships teams face during the year. Kristen even suggested an idea that made me think that the flying monkeys were scouts from the teams to see what robot Dorothy was going to build. (Which is why they kidnapped her)

The Wizard of Oz is Dean Kamen. (SHE said he was a leader on the team, but I invisioned that the emerald city was nationals, so I fit it together a bit better.)

The doorman to the emerald city is Woody Flowers. (To me he looks a little like him.)

At the end of the movie, Dorothy misses the bus home (the hot air balloon), and then uses her magic ruby slippers (her teams robot), to get home, and when she wakes up, she realises it was all a dream.

And YOU were there…and YOU…and YOU!..wait a second…wheres toto?

Don’t you two have anything better to do with your time?

Well, you could turn this into a literary analysis paper for an english class.

But then, any story that involves a long journey to an ultimate goal could be realated to FIRST. What about LoR or it’s a MAD MAD MAD World?

Yea… pretty nuts huh



Can we say that Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, symbolizes our team sponsors?

Sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

wow. we used the wizard of oz as our team’s spirit theme… :smiley:


I think that the Tin man represents the struggles of building the robot. Throughout the journey, he freezes and is incapacitated, but Dorothy uses the “oil” of a good hex key and dremel tool to get Tin man back into shape.

I also believe that the horse of a different color represents those at Nationals whose color is not a skintone anymore, such as team 233.

This is what results from having too much extra time… :wink:

Could it also be said, then, that the tornado is FIRST itself, whirling us all into a new world of technolgy and teammanship (did I make that word up?) that we might not have imagined before?