The Wrap Celebration

Hey, this may end very quickly, but I’m a rookie, so having never been to a national I was wondering if anyeone can tell me about the social. Is it like, regiaonl socials on a grander scale or is it way more awesome? Do they do different stuff there? Like I dunno… dancing or something. - Genia (DDR perhaps?)

I heard it is going to be something huge. We talked to someone at VCU that was helping plan Nationals I guess. He wouldn’t tell what it was, but he promised we’d like it. We’ll see!

In years past its been dinners in Disney’s Epcot Center, and going on some rides. Along with fire works. Im some years there has been a laser light show:D. 2002 Mandy Moore, I think, preformed before we got to go into Epcot. Disney really put on a GREAT show for us. 2003, it was a dinner at Six Flags: Houston. Then the next night you could go on the rides. FIRST ALWAYS has good time planned for us.

See ya in Atlanta! :slight_smile:

FIRST put a small blurb in a email blast to all the teams sent out today. See near the middle.

I’m looking forward to it.

I heard from a little birdie that Dean will jump over 6 cars with his Segway a la Evil Kenievel… :wink:

Wow, this sounds much better than the Houston party, heck, mabey even better than the Disney one (I know, blasphamy for me!).

Is it on a Friday or a Saturday?

The celebration is Saturday evening

From the email blast:

Saturday, April 17th - The Wrap Celebration will include dinner and entertainment. There will be interactive games (e.g., bungee run, obstacle course, rock climbing wall, moonwalks, giant slide, radar speed pitch, etc…) Virtual Reality Games, Video Games and Carnival Style Games.

Sounds great… but has any one considered the lines involved with that many people…


I know at SoCal in 2002 they had similar entertainment (but less of it), and the lines were terrible. There was really only time to do one thing.

Hopefully for nats they will have enough capacity to accomidate everyone. It’ll be hard to beat Epcot or Six Flags.